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stokbord cover installation in the trench

How Can You Protect Underground Electric Cables from Damage During Construction Works?

Date: 18th January 2022 Building & Landscaping

Determining the right underground electric cable protection products should be a major consideration when planning construction projects.

Not only can it impact on the safety of those on-site, but it can also be a contributor in determining client perceptions of the success of any work completed. This can have financial ramifications both in the short and long term in the form of larger project costs, health & safety claims and brand reputation.

It can be a challenge to choose the right option, but Centriforce has put together a list of the best cable cover products that are on offer to help you head into your next construction project geared for success.

Stokbord ® Cable Cover

A traditionally popular product within our collection which offers exceptional underground plastic cable cover protection is the Stokbord® Cover.

This trusted plastic cable cover tile proves useful in preventing damage being caused to electric cables on account of being a high strength material which has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand the significant impacts which are to be expected during most on-site construction works. Stokbord® Cover can also be ordered in a choice of highly visible colours to produce early visual warning and help reduce the likelihood of accidental strikes.

In addition to protecting cables from impacts, it is also rot resistant when buried in either acidic or alkaline soils.

Stokbord ® Drum

A new solution within the Centriforce collection of underground electric cable products is the Stokbord Drum.

This is manufactured to provide the same levels of exceptional protection but comes in a rolled format. The rolled format makes it easier to apply than traditional tile alternatives, helping to reduce project timescales and improve safety by reducing the time spent in trenches for those on-site.

Tapetile ® Cable Protection Rolls

An accompanying product to the above options is the Tapetile Cable Protection Roll.

Also coming in an innovative roll format as opposed to a traditional tile solution, the Tapetile Cable Protection Roll promises to offer greater levels of protection than ordinary warning tapes being capable of withstanding accident strikes in addition to being completely shatterproof.

Locata ® Detectable Warning Mesh

Locata detectable warning mesh is designed to be applied a specified distance above underground electric cables so as to provide excavators with an early indication as to the presence of potential hazards.

Available with customisable warning text and in highly visible colours, the product is detectable for most cable protection tools from the surface. This helps to provide an additional early indicator as to the presence of buried cables and utilities.