Key Benefits

Variable Sizes
ENA TS 12-23 and EN 12613:2009 compliance
Specified and approved by DNOs

Locata® Warning Mesh

Locata® warning mesh helps to warn excavators as to the presence of buried cables during construction projects. Offering both a bright visual warning and physical movement when struck during excavation, Locata Warning Mesh alerts workers on-site to prevent accidental impact strikes.

This brightly coloured, high strength polypropylene net is designed to be seen before excavators reach a buried electric cable, gas or water pipe. The intention is to help reduce the chances of such buried utilities being accidentally hit whilst works are being carried out.

A service that we offer here at Centriforce is the option to print a custom message on the central strip of the Locata® Warning Mesh. This ensures that it is possible to print the identification of the service or underground utility that it is warning of in bold writing.

It is recommended that Locata® Warning Mesh is installed a specified distance above the utility service line. This helps to prevent damage to utility lines through accidental strikes and mechanical impacts.

As with our Tapetile products, Locata® Warning Mesh can be paired up with Stokbord Cover or Tapetile utility protection, both of which will help to provide a physical barrier above buried utilities.

Detectable Warning Mesh

Another option available for you to consider if you are on the lookout for underground utility warnings is our Locata® Detectable Warning Mesh.

This is exactly the same product as Locata® warning mesh but comes with an added steel tracer wire so that underground utilities can also be detected from above the surface prior to work being carried out.

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Key Benefits

Variable Sizes
ENA TS 12-23 and EN 12613:2009 compliance
Specified and approved by DNOs
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Technical Information

Key Benefits Of Using Locata® Warning Mesh

The key benefits available to customers using Locata® Warning Mesh compared to alternative products include:

  • Variable Sizes – Available in a range of different widths depending upon requirements;
  • Customisable – Customise the text, colour and language used on the warning mesh
  • Compliance – Locata® Warning Mesh fully complies with ENA TS 12-23 and EN 12613:2009
  • Approved – Specified and approved by DNOs (Distribution Network Operators)

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