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Duraplas® Ensure low-maintenance, lasting protection. No wood, just 100% recycled plastic

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The Duraplas® brand is home to a diverse range of fabrication and project materials, each manufactured from 100% recycled plastic. Available in a broad range of colours, sizes and finishes, there’s a Duraplas® solution for every project.

Providing a cost-effective, durable and sustainable alternative to traditional materials such as plywood and timber, the Duraplas® range offers a variety of recycled plastic lumber and planks. As well as offering a more environmentally-friendly material, Duraplas® is proven to be longer lasting and more cost-effective than traditional alternatives.

The range includes the versatile Duraplas® Rigi Board, known for its durability and ideal for a wide array of projects across a variety of industries. And thanks to the popularity of our Duraplas® Profile, we are one of the UK’s leading recycled plastic lumber suppliers.

Duraplas® Profile and Boardwalks

Duraplas® Profile is a length of extruded recycled HDPE plastic in the form of planks which are intended to replace traditional timber alternatives. Available in a range of colours, dimensions and lengths between 1.1 metres to 4 metres, Duraplas® Profile can be manufactured to suit project requirements.

Duraplas® Profile is ideal for decking, outdoor furniture and fencing thanks to its impressive durability and strength. It requires little to no maintenance, supporting its cost-effective lifetime when compared with timber.

Offering impressive water- and rot-resistance, Duraplas® Profile is often used for boardwalks and conservation purposes. Weatherproof without impacting the wider environment, Duraplas® Profile is ideal for supporting your sustainability policies. We have worked with major companies, including the Waitrose and John Lewis Partnership, to encourage and implement circular economy practices by utilising their waste plastic as recycled materials.

Duraplas® Rigi Board

Duraplas® Rigi Board is a strong, multi-purpose recycled plastic board, perfect for durable fabrication requirements. Made with 100% recycled HDPE, Duraplas® Rigi Board comes in customisable dimensions and textures to support your project requirements.

Featuring increased weather and impact resistance, as well as a splinter-proof and washable surface, Duraplas® Rigi Board requires little to no maintenance during its lifetime. It can support a wide range of applications, including protective trailer and pallet lining, sheep pens and agricultural solutions, as well as secure storage boxes like Pelipod.

Pelipod has supported BT in its supply chain capabilities by reducing the miles travelled by engineers to collect spare parts and tools. With Pelipod, these resources can be located in a wider variety of areas, reducing travel time and cost while ensuring the safety and security of the resources. Find out more here.

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