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Duraplas ®

The Duraplas ® brand is home to a diverse range of products – focused on fabrication and project materials. Each product is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, supporting our client and end users’ sustainability in operation.

At Centriforce, our products are designed and manufactured to provide cost-effective, durable and sustainable alternatives to traditional materials such as plywood and timber. With our Duraplas range, this comes in a variety of recycled plastic lumber and plastic planks which are proven to provide longer lasting and more cost effective solutions than traditional materials which are made from less sustainable alternatives.

Our team works directly with clients and project managers to provide support and ensure you’re receiving the most suitable material for your project. Our range includes the versatile Duraplas Rigi Board, which is used in a wide array of industries and renowned for its durability. We are also one of the UKs leading recycled plastic lumber suppliers thanks to the popularity of our versatile Duraplas ® Profile product.

Take a look through our page below to learn more about our range of Duraplas ® products to find the right material for your next project.

Duraplas ® Profile and Boardwalks

Duraplas ® Profile is a length of extruded recycled HDPE plastic in the form of planks which are intended to replace traditional timber alternatives. Available in a range of dimensions, and lengths between 1.1 metres to 4 metres, Duraplas ® Profile can be manufactured to suit project requirements.

We produce Duraplas ® Profile in the standard colours black and brown. Subject to order quantity and dimensions, Centriforce can manufacture these recycled plastic planks in custom colours to support the requirements of your project.

Duraplas ® Profile is ideal for decking, outdoor furniture and fencing thanks to its impressive durability and strength, requiring little to no maintenance – further supporting its whole-life cost compared to traditional components such as timber. Our recycled plastic timber beams are the perfect alternative to traditional materials.

With rot and water-resistance as a key feature, Duraplas ® Profiles are most notably used for boardwalks and conservation projects. Highly resistant to impact and wear, Profile’s minimal maintenance requirements enable cost-effective application. Perfectly paired with no impact on wider environments, it is clear to see Duraplas ® Profile is perfect for supporting the sustainability policies of our customers.

Duraplas ® Profile is a key example of how Centriforce champions waste reduction by implementing circular economy practices. We have engaged with major companies, including Waitrose and John Lewis Partnership, in utilising their waste plastic from packaging and production to promote their environmental policies.

Reprocessing this waste with our operational line, plastic wrappings, bags and other packaging is manufactured into Centriforce products, including Duraplas ® Profiles, which are used for conservation and environmental preservation projects. We proudly save plastics from landfill, while reducing requirement for virgin plastics and improving maintenance requirements throughout whole-life applications.

Duraplas Rigi Board used to fabricate outside storage

Duraplas® Rigi Board

Duraplas® Rigi Board is a strong, multi-purpose recycled plastic board, perfect for fabrication jobs requiring durability. Made with 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Duraplas® Rigi Board is recommended for use in projects requiring greater rigidity than Stokbord® Sheet.

Centriforce manufactures Duraplas® Rigi Board in customisable dimensions and textures, either smooth or embossed, supporting project requirements where possible.

With increased durability against weather and impact, Duraplas® Rigi Board has supported a wide range of applications, including protective trailer and pallet lining, sheep pens and agricultural solutions, as well as secure storage boxes, Pelipod, for use in the utility and maintenance markets.

Pelipod has supported BT’s supply chain capabilities by reducing the miles travelled by engineers to collect spare parts and tools, traditionally collected from resource centres.

With Pelipod, engineers simply drive to secure storage boxes fabricated from Duraplas® Rigi Board to collect these parts. Our Durplas® Rigi Board has been trusted for this project for its impressive strength and durability, supporting security and preventing damage to the contents of each box. You can read more about how Pelipod has been used by BT to support its projects by clicking here.

Splinter-proof and easy to wash down, Duraplas® Rigi Board requires little to no maintenance during its lifetime. Our recycled plastic material is non-porous and does not bleed into surrounding environments – extended its useful life even further, while reducing maintenance during application.

Duraplas® Rigi Board is available in our standard colours, black or grey. Centriforce does offer custom colours subject to minimum order quantities.

Duraplas® Flexi Board

Duraplas® Flexi Board is a LDPE material with a smooth, untextured finish – available in sheet or rolled form. Duraplas® Flexi Board is made from 100% recycled LDPE plastic and can be used for range of bespoke applications.

Centriforce has supported a variety of projects with our Duraplas® Flexi Board product, with end-users applying our product for landscaping and path edging, tree root protection, concrete tunnel packing just to name a few.

In its smooth rolled format, Duraplas® Flexi Board offers users significant flexibility and protection to support bespoke project requirements. For example, tree planting initiatives have benefited by using Flexi Board to protect freshly planted saplings and other vegetation from wildlife, while increasing rainwater concentration to support the growth and development of each plant. Landscapers can easily mould and bend Duraplas® Flexi Board into position along path edges and garden lining to protect and cordon off greenery.

Conservation efforts such as newt fencing for wildlife during construction projects have also applied Duraplas® Flexi Board. Waterproof and durable throughout its life in application, Flexi Board supports projects requiring long-life reduced maintenance and little to no environmental impact.

In recycled plastic sheet form, Duraplas® Flexi Board is a smooth LDPE plastic board which can be cut and moulded into position, while providing a degree of rigidity in comparison to rolled products. Flexi Board sheet is recommended for use requiring more physical support – such as roof lining, pallet lining, and packaging

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Our core business is making high quality recycled products from plastic scraps such as plastic bottles, carrier bags, film, and packaging. This is discarded material that would otherwise be sent to landfill or export.

We are the manufacturer of some of the leading brands in the recycled plastics market. Our sheet product, Stokbord ®, is the most popular recycled plastic board available; its versatility, durability, and sustainability mean that Stokbord finds wide use across a range of markets.

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