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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of the questions that we most commonly get asked by our customers to help you gain a better understanding of our product range.

This covers questions on everything from the strength of our recycled plastic products to the way that our company operates. Of course, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact a member of the Centriforce team to get your specific questions answered.

Where can I buy Centriforce products?

Centriforce can supply products directly to customers and end-users. We also work with a range of trusted supplier networks, ensuring our products are widely accessible for end-users. If you require assistance in finding your nearest or Locata®, Tapetile®, Duraplas® or Stokbord® suppliers, get in touch with our team for advice and direction.

Where does Centriforce source its plastic material?

Our materials are sourced from a set of reliable suppliers.

The majority of our materials are recycled waste, with a small amount of virgin plastics supplementing supply where required, providing both recycled and virgin plastics. Centriforce’s strong relationships with our suppliers ensure our products are manufactured from high-quality plastics.

Is the plastic in your products recyclable?

Centriforce’s entire product range is fully recyclable after use. Once a product has completed its useful life, it can be reprocessed, recycled and reused for manufacturing.

What is Stokbord®?

Stokbord®, sometimes known as Stokbord, Stockboard and Stock Board, is a range of sheet products manufactured from recycled HDPE and LDPE. The most widely recognised Stokbord® products are Stokbord® Sheet and Stokbord® Cover.

Stokbord® supports an array of industries, including utilities and construction projects to protect buried cables and pipelines, to agricultural customers requiring cost-effective durability and protection of their livestock.

What is Tapetile®?

Tapetile®, sometimes known as Centritape, Centritile and Tile Tape, is a roll of LDPE plastic recognised for its incredible flexibility while offering protection.

Predominantly used for utility and civil engineering projects, Tapetile® can be laminated with a brightly coloured warning tape and placed above a buried utility service for increased visibility and warning of potential danger. Often partnered with Stokbord® Cover and Drum, Tapetile® also offers another level of protection against mechanical impact.

What is Locata®?

Locata® is Centriforce’s range of visual warning systems, available for both above and below ground applications. Brightly coloured with additional detection options, our Locata® range offers products for use in utility protection, railway network signally and area demarcation.

Locata® supports health and safety throughout its whole-life in application – manufactured from plastic allowing increased durability and strength, our Locata® product range provides cost-effective solutions.

What is Duraplas®?

Duraplas® is a multi-purpose recycled plastic material which is used to form a bespoke range of products. It is typically utilised in projects with specific requirements which require increased customisation.

The range of Duraplas® products includes extruded plastic Profiles (plank-like lengths) and Rigi Board’s HDPE sheets used for fabrication projects.

What utility protection products do you supply?

We supply and manufacture a range of products for utility protection under our brands Stokbord®, Tapetile® and Locata®.

Stokbord® includes our Cover cable protection tile, as well as our innovative Stokbord® Drum system – offering heavy duty impact protection in a single industrial reel.

Tapetile®, sometimes known as Centritape, Centritile or Tile Tape, is a highly visible layer of protection for buried cables and pipelines. Easy to install, Tapetile® supports on-site health and safety throughout application.

Our Locata® range includes detectable and non-detectable warning tapes and mesh. Brightly coloured and easily applied, our Locata® range provides the initial warning of the presence of underground utility services.

What is damage prevention?

In utility, damage prevention is the methods through which contractors, DNOs and utility organisations help to prevent damage caused to buried utilities, avoiding outages and potential injury to workers during excavation.

By using damage prevention products, our customers can help to reduce the risk of damage occurring to buried utility services such as high voltage electricity cables and gas pipelines. Through this prevention, the health and safety of workers on site is supported – helping to avoid accidental strikes which could result in lethal injury.

We manufacture damage prevention products for a variety of requirements – from our Locata® range offering brightly coloured visual warnings with tape and mesh, Tapetile® providing a highly visible layer of protection, to Stokbord® Cover & Drum installing heavy duty impact resistance against mechanical strikes.

How strong is Stokbord®?

Stokbord®’s strength depends on a range of factors, including product purpose. Centriforce manufactures Stokbord® in a variety of thicknesses which will determine its strength and flexibility. The material blend also influences the products strength.

How strong is Tapetile®? Is it protective?

Once installed, Tapetile® creates a layer of protection above a buried cable or pipeline. Tapetile® also warns of the presence of buried utilities with a highly visible laminated warning tape. Tapetile® provides a noticeable change in resistance during excavation, alerting manual workers and machinery operators of underground services.

Why do I need to know product specifications when making an enquiry?

Many UK DNOs and utility projects release specifications for products required to be used to complete jobs safely and effectively. In order for Centriforce to supply the correct product for your business, we need to confirm the required specifications.

What is ENATS 12-23?

UK DNO’s and electricity utilities have generally adopted Energy Network Association Technical Specification ENA-TS 12-23 to document their technical requirements for cable protection tiles, protection tape and warning tape used to protect MV HV cables operating at 11kV, 33kV, 66kV and up to 132kV.

Centriforce works closely with DNOs and manufactures Stokbord® Cover, Tapetile® and Locata® Warning Tape to meet ENATS 12-23 Class 1 & Class 2.

What is National Grid TS 3.05.07?

National Grid TS 3.05.07 is part of a suite of documents defining National Grid’s requirements for new plants. TS 3.05.07 is a Level 3 Specification giving requirements for the installation of power cables (usually 132kV and above), their accessories and associated auxiliary cables.

What is impact testing?

Impact testing is a method through which the strength and durability of a material is measured through a series of assessments. In order to meet certain specifications, impact tests are required to assess the resistance of a material against a particular level of impact.

Learn more about our impact testing procedure here

What can Duraplas® be used for?

Duraplas® products can be used in a wide variety of applications in a multitude of industries. Duraplas® Profiles are perfect for use in constructing boardwalks and walkways, as well as path edging for landscaping.

As the name suggests, Duraplas® Rigi Board provides strong and long-lasting material to meet project specific requirements.

To read more about its application, check out the Duraplas® page.

Do you install Duraplas® Profiles for boardwalks?

Centriforce supplies the material ready for application only. We do not install Duraplas® Profiles ourselves – however, we can recommend contractors to support with installation.

Are Centriforce a Stokbord® supplier?

Centriforce is the manufacturer of Stokbord®, having developed and innovated Stokbord® for over 40 years. We do supply directly to our customers subject to minimum order quantities. Centriforce also works with a network of Stokbord® suppliers across the UK and Europe to support the demand in various markets.

Can Stokbord® Sheet be used for livestock protection?

Stokbord® Sheet is commonly used in agricultural maintenance, especially when farming cattle. Stokbord® Sheet has been used for cattle runs and races, horse stables, pig pens and chicken houses.

Where can I buy Stokbord® Sheet?

Centriforce supplies Stokbord® Sheet directly subject to order quantities. In the event that we cannot supply directly to our customers, our team can direct you to a number of trusted Stokbord® suppliers.

What dimensions can you manufacture products to?

While there may be some limitations to the product dimensions depending on material, size and strength, Centriforce manufactures a wide range of dimensions to meet customer requirements. We also offer many of our products in both textured and smooth finishes.

If you would like more information on product dimensions and order quantities, please speak to our team directly.

Does Centriforce create custom products?

We manufacture our products in a range of dimensions to support project requirements. Depending on order quantities, our team can manufacture products more bespoke dimensions within operational capabilities.

What are cable protection tiles? Do you manufacture them?

Cable or utility protection tiles are boards placed above buried cables and pipelines to prevent damage occurring from impact strikes or during excavation.

Centriforce manufactures Stokbord® Cover and Stokbord® Drum damage prevention systems, designed and developed to reduce risk of damage occurring from manual and mechanical impacts. Our cable protection range is manufactured to comply with UK and international specifications.

What is reprocessing?

Reprocessing is the activity of handling waste materials and using them again. This may be for the same original purpose or an entirely different application.

For Centriforce, we reprocess waste plastic material into high-quality finished products, supporting our key operating industries. By manufacturing with discarded plastic that may otherwise be sent to landfill, we reduce operational waste and extend the whole life of plastic material. We manufacture all our products to be reusable after their useful life, extending the functional life of plastics.

Terminology Explained

If any of the above terminology is not clear to you and you need a better explanation, then you can always head over to our glossary page which provides definitions which are easier to understand for those who are not ingrained in our industry.