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Stokbord in Construction

Stokbord® Road Shield – Protecting Road Surfaces for DT Hughes Group

Client: DT Hughes Group Location: Liverpool, UK Ground Protection

Stokbord® Road Shield – Protecting Road Surfaces for DT Hughes Group

Are costly road repairs and fines disrupting your business’s work on-site? Tired of replacing plywood spoil boards after just one use? Then look no further than Stokbord® Road Shield!

Stokbord® Road Shield is a highly durable, 100% recycled plastic spoil board which is designed to be a longer life alternative to single-use plywood. Stokbord® Road Shield is placed on roads, pavements, and highways to prevent scrapes and scratches from occurring during works. Tools and spoil can cause significant damage to hard surfaces during operations, and this can incur costly repair fines to businesses – with some organisations facing up to £1,500 per 1m²!

We visited our customer DT Hughes Group at one of their work sites in Merseyside to witness Stokbord® Road Shield support their work along a busy roadside. Established in 1984, DT Hughes Group are a family-run business based in Liverpool, UK. They are a utilities company with a civil engineering background, working with a number of Tier 1 companies including SP Energy Networks and Openreach. They started using Stokbord Road Shield earlier this year with the aim of preventing damage to roadsides during works.

You can watch the video here:

David Hughes, Managing Director at DT Hughes Group, told us “Our clients expect top service from us which includes a safe, presentable site throughout projects. Stokbord Road Shield allows us to maintain our work sites with ease.” After introducing Stokbord Road Shield to their operations, Centriforce are pleased to share that DT Hughes has had positive feedback from their clients regarding site presentation and maintenance. David also notes that DT Hughes has seen a reduction in the costs of resurfacing roads and footpaths after works are complete.

We also spoke with Dave Hughes, CEO at DT Hughes Group, to discuss how Stokbord Road Shield has benefitted his team’s work. “I think this is the way forward for our company, and other companies will follow,” Dave shared, “…especially in these summer months where the tarmac on carriageways is softening up with the heat”. With hard surfaces expected to become more sensitive as temperatures rise over summer, it is great to hear how DT Hughes expects Stokbord Road Shield to continue benefitting their work sites.

Key benefits of Stokbord Road Shield:

• Helping to avoid costly fines and repair for work damages
• Reduce customer complaints and help meet KPI targets
• Sustainable and reusable alternative to single-use plywood
• Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and recyclable after use
• High durability and rot resistant providing a long service life
• Splinter-proof and easy to clean

Centriforce is proud to receive the positive feedback from DT Hughes Group and their clients regarding Stokbord Road Shield, and we look forward to supporting more customers in preventing damage to roads, pavements, and highways.

For enquiries on Stokbord® Road Shield, get in touch with our team via email Telephone +44(0) 151 207 8109 or our contact page today.