Stokbord floor shield installation
Stokbord floor shield installation
Stokbord floor shield connections

Key Benefits

Made from 100% recycled plastic
Splinter-proof and rot-resistant
Anti-slip floor protection solution which helps support on-site safety

Stokbord® Floor Shield

If you are looking for a product which provides protection for floors during internal construction works, then our popular Stokbord Floor Shield is an essential purchase.

Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, this floor protection system has been developed to help preserve and protect flooring substrates whilst construction works are being carried out.

One of the many benefits of using Stokbord Floor Shield is that it can be used multiple times thanks to its inherent durability. This innovative product therefore offers a more cost-effective long-term solution when compared to using traditional temporary floor protection solutions.

Not only is Stokbord Floor Shield longer lasting, but it is also provides safety benefits over traditional floor protection solutions such as plywood as it does not splinter and is far easier to clean down. Further support for health and safety comes via the fact that it has been independently tested to prove its inherent qualities as an anti-slip floor protection product.

Stokbord Floor Shield is typically used during construction projects but can be used in a far wider range of applications. This innovative product from Centriforce is perfect for providing additional on-site safety and helps to reduce the chance of restorative maintenance tasks.

It is also incredibly easy to install thanks to its unique connection system which you can learn more about in our video.

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Key Benefits

Made from 100% recycled plastic
Splinter-proof and rot-resistant
Anti-slip floor protection solution which helps support on-site safety
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Technical Information

Key Benefits of Stokbord Floor Shield

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Can be reused thanks to its inherent strength & durability
  • Splinter-proof and rot-resistant
  • Helps to provide floorprotect from potential pedestrian and vehicular damage
  • Reduces chance of restorative works being required to repair any potential damage caused during construction projects
  • Independently proven to be an anti-slip floor protection solution which helps support on-site safety

Easy Installation Advice

Stokbord Floor Shield has been designed to offer easy installation. It uses male and female connectors and has a special design feature where it allows for thermal expansion during use.

The easy installation process will help to save significant time during your construction project and is sure to be welcomed by the on-site team.

Dimensions: The boards are 700mm x 700mm and 6mm thick. The additional length of the connectors is 50mm. They can very easily be trimmed to fit any space.

Stokbord Floor Shield is intended for use on firm and flat surfaces and is typical applied to the following types of flooring:

  • Garage floors
  • Block paving
  • Concrete flooring
  • Decorative surfaces (including ceramic tiles, wood and laminate)
  • Temporary car parks and parking compounds

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