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stokbord sheet go kart circuit barrier

Stokbord® sheet protects new high tech go kart circuit

Client: Tyke Racing Location: Barnsley Building & Landscaping

Stokbord recycled plastic sheet is being used as a versatile barrier to protect the perimeter of a new, purpose-built go kart circuit in Barnsley.

Tyke Racing specified Stokbord recycled plastic sheet for its new, go kart circuit in Barnsley which was designed and constructed from first principles to give a completely new and fresh go kart racing experience. A brand new clubhouse provides changing, training and refreshment facilities as well as the all important viewing galleries for spectators and competitors.

The 450m circuit was resurfaced with a high spec tarmac specifically designed to offer maximum grip around the numerous corners and straights that make up the racing circuit. The track consists of tight blends and fast flowing curves – plus of course a challenging hairpin.

But what makes the circuit so different is the BIZ Eco-Volt carts, which are fully electric powered. They use the latest generation lithium batteries to feed an 8kW (10.7 horse power) electric motor that offers instant power and an exhilarating driving experience – yet is also remarkably quiet.

To protect the perimeter of the eco friendly circuit, Tyke Racing specified Stokbord recycled plastic sheet having seen it successfully used on other established circuits. Stokbord provides tough and durable protection for the circuit edge and is capable of taking high speed knocks and scrapes from the karts as they race around the circuit. The material is flexible and easy to install, allowing smooth curves around the circuit and blends perfectly with the overall circuit construction.

Circuit owner, Michael Hewitt commented: “We wanted to use high quality materials throughout the circuit and it was great to be able to utilise recycled plastic sheet manufactured in the UK from waste material. “My team found Stokbord really easy to use and work with and we are already planning on extending its use to other parts of the circuit.”