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Multi-purpose plastic materials Recycled plastic alternatives for versatile use

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Sustainable, multi-purpose plastic materials with endless possibilities

Cost-effective, environmentally conscious and built to last, plastic alternatives to common building materials are a popular choice for many industries today.

From temporary shelters to go-kart track barriers, our Duraplas® and Stokbord® product ranges can help you create versatile, sturdy solutions that meet your needs.


Long lasting
Long lasting
100% recycled
100% recycled
Bespoke solutions
Bespoke solutions
Easy to fabricate
Easy to fabricate


Our multi-purpose plastic product ranges

Stokbord® Sheet

Versatile, waterproof recycled plastic sheet, an ideal replacement for traditional materials.

Duraplas® Profile

Maintenance-free, weatherproof and impact-resistant plastic alternative to traditional wood.

Duraplas® Rigi Board

Water and chemical resistant boards, maintenance-free and built to last in any environment.

Duraplas® Flexi Board

Versatile, malleable material, designed to offer superior flexibility and outdoor protection.

Duraplas® Boardwalks

Water and rot resistant boardwalks, made to withstand wet conditions and heavy foot traffic.

Take a look at our water and rot-resistant boardwalks in use

Case Studies

Tyke Racing

Discover why Stokbord® sheet was used to create a durable barrier for a new, purpose-built go kart circuit.

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Waitrose Woodland Walkway

Find out how Duraplas® Boardwalks helped preserve the natural beauty of a much-loved woodland in Bracknell.

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