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cable warning tape

Tapetile® Protect underground utilities with highly visible and impact-resistant tape solutions

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Our Tapetile® utility protection system features a roll of recycled plastic, laminated with a clear and distinctive warning that alerts excavators of the presence of buried cables and pipelines. In addition to providing high visibility, Tapetile® also offers a measure of protection to underground utility services.

Tapetile® underground cable protection rolls are unique in their easy-to-install form, which is simply rolled out into the trench above underground utility pipelines and cables. Once installed, Tapetile® protection tape clearly signifies the location of buried services to help prevent potentially lethal accidents during excavation.

Watch our video to see Tapetile® in action

tapetile cable protection roll installed above cable

Comprehensive Damage Prevention System

Tapetile® works in tandem with the entire Centriforce utility protection range to offer superior damage prevention for utilities. It can be installed below Locata® Warning Tape as a protective layer, or above Stokbord® Cover as an additional level of visibility.

As well as minimising accidents, Tapetile® helps to support health and safety through its easy installation that means workers can spend less time in the trench. The brightly coloured warning tape is suitable for use with electricity cables, gas and water pipelines, and fibre optic lines.

Available in a range of dimensions and colours, Tapetile® is manufactured to support our clients’ project requirements, DNO specifications and meet internationally recognised standards.

Please get in touch with our team to enquire about our variety of Tapetile® cable protection tape products to get more information or to request a quote.

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