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Duraplas Boardwalk



Centriforce has accumulated years of experience working directly with fabricators in a range of different industries on bespoke projects which require an alternative material other than the traditional metal and wood solutions.

Unlike these traditional materials, our range of recycled plastic products can be easily shaped to meet the requirements of any project and offer a plethora of additional benefits including increased durability and strength.

Our Duraplas material is the perfect option for customers looking for these qualities, with a range of recycled plastic products available under this brand which can be used flexibly depending upon the needs of any given project.

Duraplas Rigi Board

One of the most commonly sought after Duraplas products which is used for fabrication is Duraplas Rigi Board. This is made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic and is ideal for fabrication jobs. It is sometimes used in preference to our Stokbord Sheets on account of the additional rigidity and stiffness that it affords.

Duraplas Rigi Board has been used by some of the UK’s most recognisable brands including British Telecom (BT) who utilised this material for their ‘Final Mile’ project which involved the manufacture of intelligent lockers to speed up the delivery of parts for engineers.

The flexibility of Duraplas Rigi Board also means that it has also been used in conservation projects requiring the construction of fencing for wildlife habitats.

Other Duraplas Products

Other products within the Duraplas range which have been used for fabrication projects includes Duraplas Boardwalk and Duraplas Profile.

Unlike the materials much are most commonly used for boardwalks, Duraplas Boardwalk proves to be far more water and rot resistant which naturally brings down long running maintenance costs.

Recycled plastic furniture manufacturers meanwhile often use Duraplas Profile to construct their products owing to these same rot resistant qualities with a life span which is often four times longer than that of timber. This ultimately makes it far more cost effective in the long run, with Duraplas Boardwalk also coming in a range of optional colours for added customer convenience.

Stokbord Sheets

Our popular and versatile Stokbord sheets are also often used for fabrication due to the ease with which they can be manufactured to fit various forms.

Over traditional materials, it brings the benefit of being easy to clean down without causing any issues with rot. This is just one of the many reasons why Stokbord Sheets are so popular in the construction of animal habitats where hygieneis a primary concern. Available in black or grey, with a range of custom dimensions sizes available to support project requirements.

Our Team Can Help

If you are unsure as to which of our recycled plastic products would be best for any upcoming fabrication project that you have planned, then please contact a member of the Centriforce team.

We will be happy to offer advice based on our years of experience in the industry to help you pick the right recycled plastic product for your project.

Trusted manufacturing for over 40 years

Our core business is making high quality recycled products from plastic scraps such as plastic bottles, carrier bags, film, and packaging. This is discarded material that would otherwise be sent to landfill or export.

We are the manufacturer of some of the leading brands in the recycled plastics market. Our sheet product, Stokbord ®, is the most popular recycled plastic board available; its versatility, durability, and sustainability mean that Stokbord finds wide use across a range of markets.

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