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ground protection mat

Protrack™ Ground Protection Mat

Features a checker plate finish for extra grip, designed to protect ground from damage while enhancing worker safety
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Stokbord Cover

Stokbord® Cover

Stokbord® Cover -  heavy duty utility protection system for buried utilities.
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Stokbord Drum

Stokbord® Drum

Stokbord® Drum - a faster and safer way of installing heavy duty utility protection.
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Tapetile® Protection Rolls

Tapetile® cable protection rolls - highly visible and mechanical protection for all buried utilities.
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Stokbord® Sheet

Stokbord® Sheet - versatile and durable multi-purpose board made from recycled plastic.
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Stokbord Road Shield

Stokbord® Road Shield

Durable surface protection for roads, pavements and highways against damage created by construction and building works.
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detectable warning tape

Locata® Detectable Tape

Highly visible warning tapes which can also be detected from the surface using cable avoidance tools.
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Locata detectable warning mesh

Locata® Detectable Warning Mesh

Brightly coloured warning mesh which can be detected from the surface using cable avoidance tools.
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Duraplas profile

Duraplas® Profile

Duraplas® Profile is a maintenance free & cost-effective alternative to timber. It can be used in the manufacture of anything from boardwalks to outdoor furniture.
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Locata® Marker Posts

Based and secured in the ground, our cable marker posts are installed above service lines to indicate the location of buried high voltage cables and service pipelines.
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Stokbord in Construction

Duraplas® Boardwalks

With inherent water & rot resistance, our Duraplas® Boardwalks promote a low whole-life cost compared to traditional materials.
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Locata® Detectable Tape

Locata® Underground Warning Tapes

Brightly coloured warning tape to offer a clear visual warning for buried utility services.
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Stokbord® Sheet Fabrication & Packaging

Multi-purpose and durable material for fabrication and packaging projects.
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Locata® Warning Mesh

High strength polypropylene mesh to provide a warning for buried cables and pipes.
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Locata® Super Strong Barrier Tape

Non-adhesive barrier tapes designed to provide cost-effective perimeter warnings around dangerous and controlled areas.
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Stokbord floor shield installation

Stokbord® Floor Shield

Stokbord® Floor Shield is designed to protect indoor flooring from scuffs, scratches and other damage during use.
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locata warning signs and makers

Locata® Signs & Markers

A high quality range of signs, signage systems and marker plates.
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Duraplas Rigi Board used to fabricate outside storage

Duraplas® Rigi Board

Duraplas Rigi Board is a maintenance free sheet made out of recycled plastic, used to construct highly durable and weather-resistant products.
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