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Stokbord® Damage prevention assured with the market’s
leading recycled protection board

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Stokbord® is a versatile and durable board made from 100% recycled plastic. Invented and manufactured by Centriforce for over 40 years, Stokbord® is a globally recognised product which has been continually innovated to support the needs of our long-standing clients.

Watch our video to see the Stokbord® product range in action

stokbord sheet lining for sheep pen

Stokbord® Sheet for Agricultural & Equestrian Maintenance

Stokbord® Sheet has supported the agricultural industry for over four decades. Offering a durable, longer lasting solution to traditional plywood, Stokbord® Sheet offers a wealth of benefits.

Rot-resistant, chemically inert and strong enough to contain livestock, Stokbord® Sheet is perfect for use as cattle race lining, stable partitioning, pig pens and chicken coops. Requiring minimal maintenance, farmers can simply rinse the sheet to support a hygienic environment.

The 100% recycled plastic is splinter-proof, making it safer for users and animals during handling and application than plywood or timber alternatives.

Our network of Stokbord® suppliers make our standard Stokbord® Sheet in a variety of colours and sizes with an embossed or smooth finish. Sizes range between 3-18mm thickness, and bespoke sizes are available. Get in touch with us on  0151 207 8109 to find a stockist near you

Utility Protection and Construction

Centriforce manufactures a range of Stokbord® products to support damage prevention for utility projects and construction applications.

Stokbord® Cover

For our utility customers, Stokbord® Cover offers heavy duty protection against damage to cables and pipelines.

Stokbord® Cover is a protective tile, far lighter and easier to install than alternative materials such as concrete markers and slabs. Placed above buried utilities, Stokbord® Cover features an easy peg connection to secure each tile in place, making the installation of damage prevention efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

Working in partnership with utilities and contractors, the Stokbord® range is compliant with internationally recognised specification standards, including National Grid TS 3.05.07, ENA TS 12-23 Class 1 & Class 2, DIN 54841-5, BS2484 and EN50520.

Centriforce supports our clients by manufacturing Stokbord® Cover in a range of dimensions, with a customisable surface design to suit every application across including electricity, gas, water and telecoms.

stokbord drum installation at triton knoll

Stokbord® Drum

Innovation is the cornerstone of our operation, and Stokbord® Drum represents the invaluable expertise gained from a heritage of over 40 years.

Launched to acclaim in 2019, Stokbord® Drum is a product of our continuous improvement and partnerships with utilities and contractors. Offering significant improvements in on-site health and safety, as well as installation speed, Stokbord® Drum supplies our Stokbord® Cover utility protection tile in the format of a single reel.

The reel format allows our Stokbord® Cover to be rolled across large areas with minimal intervention, reducing worker hours in the trench.

Already utilised in major utility projects such as the Triton Knoll, Dogger Bank and Hornsea wind farms and Viking Link, Stokbord® Drum is recognised by our clients for strengthening their working efficiency and project KPIs.

Ground Protection

The strength, durability and user-friendliness of the Stokbord® Ground Protection range provide easy-to-apply products for internal and external surface protection.

Stokbord ground shield in action

External Ground Protection

The Centriforce range features Stokbord® Road Shield, designed for protecting hard exterior surfaces against damage caused by construction and building works. Created to provide a sustainable alternative to single-use plywood spoil boards, Stokbord® Road Shield is installed on top of roads, pavements and highways to reduce the risk of scratches, gouges and scuffs caused by works.

Featuring rounded corners and routed handholes, Stokbord® Road Shield is easy and safe to handle for workers throughout application. Consistent with our full Stokbord® range, Stokbord® Road Shield is also splinter-proof to support on-site health and safety.

fork lift truck on floor shield protection boards

Internal Ground Protection

At Centriforce, our ground protection range is not limited to exterior works. The innovative Stokbord® Floor Shield is a recycled plastic tile intended to help protect internal flooring against potential damage created by works and general use.

Featuring an anti-slip embossed texture, Stokbord® Floor Shield helps to prevent vehicles skidding and accidental slipping by pedestrians.

Stokbord® Floor Shield fits together with an innovative and intuitive male/female connector design for quick and easy installation. The technology allows for the thermal expansion associated with plastics, preventing warping or distortion in application.

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