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Lakeland Climbing Centres left without a scratch since using Stokbord® Sheet

Client: Lakeland Climbing Centres Location: Northern England Ground Protection

Lakeland Climbing Centres left without a scratch since using Stokbord Sheet

Learning the ropes

Lakeland Climbing Centres has provided customers with top-of-the-range indoor climbing facilities since 1995. Within half a decade, the Kendal Wall Centre was ranked in the BMC’s top 3 in England for its phenomenal facilities.

Since establishment, the growth of the business has been astronomical, now totaling five state-of-the-art bouldering centres in London. All of the centres are equipped with efficient air conditioning and dust extraction, ultra-modern electronic registration to enhance climbers’ experience and, of course, the climbing walls.

Taking a tumble 

The Lakeland Climbing Centre prides itself on the quality of its facilities, carrying out regular maintenance and cleaning to guarantee the best experience for climbers. When conducting checks or maintenance on higher areas of their climbing walls, a lift is used for accessibility. However, the soft, spongy floor intended to cushion climbers if they fall is not ideal for rolling heavy machinery along, and using the lift on this flooring would be unsafe.

The Lakeland Climbing Centre initially looked at plywood sheets as a ground protection solution but found this wasn’t completely optimised for their needs. Although the plywood sheet did help protect the floor of the centre, it couldn’t offer a permanent solution to the problem. The workers at Lakeland Centre found that, as time went by, the plywood sheet would splinter, crack, and need replacement. This was both expensive and damaging to the environment, so neither a financially nor environmentally sustainable floor protection solution.

Although plywood has been traditionally used across a range of sectors as a means of ground protection, the material is prone to breakage, as well as having a poor life cycle. It is also awkward to store due to its tendency to rot in damp places and can disintegrate over time if stored outside. Contrary to popular belief, plywood can often not be recycled due to the way the wood is processed, so a more sustainable option is better for multiple-use requirements like Lakeland’s.

Climbing to new heights 

The Lakeland Climbing Centres set out to find a floor protection solution that was easy to use, high-performing and offered improved longevity – which they found in Stokbord® Sheet. Our multi-purpose product offers:

  • Maintenance-free finish
  • High durability
  • Water- and weather-proofing

Stokbord® Sheet is made from 100% recycled plastic, providing a solution to the issues Lakeland found with plywood spoilboards. Offering a life cycle up to five times as long as plywood, Lakeland Climbing Centre is able to use Stokbord® Sheet again and again, enabling easier climbing wall maintenance than ever.

To find out more about our solutions for fabrication, or to speak to a member of our expert team about how Centriforce can benefit your project, contact us today.

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