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Buttersworths Landscapers

Protrack™ Ground Protection Mat at Southport Flower Show 2023

Client: Butterworths Landscapers Location: North West Ground Protection

Protrack™ Ground Protection Mat at Southport Flower Show 2023

Butterworths Landscapers were entrusted with the task of constructing and later disassembling a temporary landscaping display for an exhibit at the Southport Flower Show 2023. This exhibit included a wall, a water feature and integrated seating and went on to win two awards for ‘Best Large Garden’ and ‘Best Outside Garden’. When it came to dismantling the display, their primary objective was to preserve the immaculate condition of the grass and restore the area of the park to its original state as it appeared before the exhibition. Given the nature of the event, a horticulture show where the grass has to be maintained in top-notch condition, this challenge was significant. 

“Before using Protrack™, we used to go through many sheets of plywood, which seemed to last only five minutes. With Protrack™, we can reuse it repeatedly, and we can wash the boards down after every job. Also, the boards are very easy to install and use.

We also like that they are made from 100% recycled plastic, making Protrack™ a much better choice for the environment. We can’t see ourselves purchasing plywood again for ground protection projects. Instead, we plan to add more Protrack™ to our fleet as our business grows.”

Josh Butterworth, Butterworth Landscaping

How did Butterworths Landscaping rise to the occasion?

Butterworths Landscaping successfully overcame this challenge by using the latest product from Centriforce, the Protrack Ground Protection Mat. Their task became even more challenging as it rained on the morning of dismantlement, making the grass even more vulnerable to damage. 

Protrack Ground Protection Mat is an ideal light- medium-level solution for creating temporary access routes or tracks on-site. Made entirely from 100% recycled plastic and fully recyclable after use, this sustainable ground protection mat offers a dual benefit: it safeguards the ground below and enhances workplace safety through its anti-slip checker plate design, which reduces the risk of slips. 

Grass stays greener on the other side of Protrack™

Taking advantage of the mat’s special interlocking system, the Butterworths team created an L-shaped track that extended from the roadside, across the pristine grass and along the wall. The mats sufficiently prevented rutting caused by vehicles going over the grass. They also shielded it from dirt and debris during the demolition process, cushioning the impact as the wall was knocked down. 

Beyond protection, these mats simplified the cleanup process by collecting dirt and debris, eliminating the requirement to manually pick up individual pieces of rubble – a time-consuming and near impossible job. After the project’s completion, the waterproof properties of the boards allowed for easy cleaning with a hose, leaving them in like-new condition for the next project. 

Protrack™: the ultimate ground protection

While traditional materials like plywood had been used by Butterworths in the past, they paled in comparison to the Protrack Ground Protection Mat in various key aspects, above all cost-effectiveness, sustainability and performance.

Although plywood may initially appear more budget-friendly than Protrack Ground Protection Mat, it requires ongoing maintenance and replacement costs, ultimately making it a more expensive option in the long run. Protrack‘s waterproof and impact-resistant properties, along with its resistance to splintering, cracking or warping, render it virtually maintenance-free and extend its lifespan up to five times longer than that of plywood, quickly offsetting the upfront costs.

Contrary to common misconceptions, plywood, despite being natural, often contains toxic and non-recyclable chemicals in its adhesive. Moreover, plywood’s heavier weight results in higher emissions during transportation compared to recycled plastic boards. All in all, Protrack Ground Protection Mat emerges as the more sustainable choice and with sustainability increasingly influencing clients’ decision-making processes, integrating such eco-friendly products into your business can attract more customers.

In terms of performance, plywood falls short in comparison to recycled plastic also. Plywood is prone to splitting, warping and rotting when exposed to the elements. It also easily splinters and fractures under heavy impacts, necessitating frequent replacements that can become expensive. Recycled plastic sheets combine the strength of concrete with the flexibility of rubber, meaning they are durable and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and impacts. This makes them ideal for light-medium protection on landscaping sites.

The successful use of Protrack Ground Protection Mat by Butterworths Landscaping at the Southport Flower Show 2023 highlights its effectiveness in preserving delicate surfaces while offering sustainability and cost-efficiency, making it the preferred choice for tackling challenging landscaping projects.

To find out more about Protrack Protection Mat speak to a member of our expert team today. 

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