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“Every little helps” when it comes to saving the planet

Client: Tesco Location: UK Building & Landscaping

In recent times, sustainability has come to the forefront for all of us and this extends to the leading British grocer Tesco. ‘Every little helps’ is one of the core values that the business lives by, from serving customers to its commitment to our planet. 

Tesco has taken a proactive stance against climate challenges by reducing plastic waste, a commitment evident in its core purpose. For instance, in a store refurbishment initiative, Tesco chose Stokbord® Sheet, a sustainable solution developed by Centriforce that also provided a more cost-effective alternative to Tesco’s previous MDF solution.

Stokbord® – sustainable excellence

Tesco’s journey with Centriforce began with a specific need – a robust damage prevention solution to protect walls from heavy cages and palletised stock. The previous solution, a laminated MDF board, became a cause of concern after potential issues were raised with delamination due to moisture absorption when they were washed down. To address this, Tesco initiated a trial of Stokbord® after hearing of its exceptional durability and affordability. After the successful trial, Tesco and its approved contractor base, implemented the installation of Stokbord in 125 stores across the UK and N.Ireland on their “Bar Back Removal “ and “Marmot“ projects.

 Manufactured entirely from 100% recycled plastic, the sheets not only fulfil their immediate purpose but also embody sustainability and affordability. Post-use, these sheets can be entirely recycled, aligning seamlessly with Tesco’s commitment to operating in a responsible and sustainable way.

Maximum protection, minimal maintenance 

Stokbord® recycled plastic sheets exhibit a number of key technical attributes, making them an ideal solution for Tesco’s application. The board’s capacity to absorb impact safeguards the interior walls against dents, scratches and damage during the stocking of heavy cages and palletised deliveries. They also possess waterproof and chemical-resistant properties, enabling Tesco staff to easily sanitise and maintain the storage areas, ensuring the safe and hygienic storage of food.

Stokbord fits seamlessly into Tesco’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, thanks to the recyclable content of the product’s materials and is therefore playing a role in Tesco’s Environmental Social Governance initiatives.

Enabling Closed Loop Initiatives

Centriforce has the capacity to assist the retail sector in implementing a closed-loop initiative. Waste generated could be converted into plastic pellets by Centriforce’s supplier partners. These pellets would go back into manufacturing damage-prevention products creating a circular economy that minimises waste and extends material life cycles.

Outcomes and Benefits:

The partnership between Tesco and Centriforce has produced several notable outcomes and benefits:

  • Sustainability: By choosing Stokbord® sheets, made from 100% recycled plastic and recyclable after use, Tesco has reduced its environmental impact.
  • Quality and Customer Satisfaction: The high-quality and durable nature of Stokbord® sheets ensures that Tesco can maintain a safe and hygienic environment.
  • Cost Savings: Over time, Tesco realised substantial cost savings through the use of Stokbord® sheets as they are virtually maintenance-free and provide long-lasting protection for their cooling storage areas, reducing repair costs. 
  • Commitment to Environmental Responsibility: The partnership demonstrates Tesco’s commitment to environmental stewardship by implementing sustainable and durable solutions in their daily operations.

We are pleased to have supported Tesco in its commitment to operate in a responsible and sustainable way, with the introduction of Stokbord reflecting Tesco’s value that ‘every little helps’.