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Ground protection solutions Versatile, durable ground protection for your industry

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Effective ground protection

Whatever your industry or project, ground protection is a crucial consideration for environmental preservation – especially when working with heavy machinery.

That’s why Centriforce’s Stokbord® product range provides a variety of recycled plastic solutions designed to protect your project area and improve access to your sites.

Protect your workers
Protect your workers
Preserve your environment
Preserve your environment
Improve access
Improve access
Stokbord Road Shield

Stokbord® Road Shield

Sturdy and durable ground protection, designed for roads and highways with heavy traffic.
, Ground protection

Stokbord® Floor Shield

Anti-slip protection for preserving indoor flooring types during internal construction projects.
, Ground protection

Stokbord® Sheet

Versatile, waterproof recycled plastic sheet, ideal for outdoors environments and livestock.
ground protection mat

Protrack™ Ground Protection Mat

Anti-slip protection for outdoor projects, designed to withstand impact on a range of terrains.

Watch our ground protection products in action

Case Studies

Data Centre Construction

Discover why Stokbord® Floor Shield was chosen as temporary flooring protection during construction of a new data centre.

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Stokbord® Road Shield - Protecting Road Surfaces for DT Hughes Group

Find out why our client, DT Hughes Group, uses Stokbord® Road Shield as standard for roadside building projects.

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