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Key Benefits

Long Lasting
Low Maintenance
Available in bright colours to increase visibility

Locata® Signs & Markers

Generally, all construction sites are typically filled with dangers which can pose a risk of harm to anyone who appears on site.

Although it doesn’t eradicate the risk completely, you can reduce the chances of accidents occurring by adding the correct warning signage to the right places.

Here at Centriforce, we manufacture a wide range of professional warning markers and general signage designed to cover a variety of circumstances. This includes signs and signage systems which warn of workplace dangers, and also mark the location of access points, junctions and valves.

Our wide variety ensures that we are the signage manufacturer of choice for leading companies in a number of different industries. For instance, we provide utility signage marker plates for railways where they are used to signal datum gauges. Our marker plates are also extensively used by Electricity Network Authorities.

Our signage products are widely used as hydrant marker plates in the water industry in addition to be used to highlight the presence of a water valves. Our loyal customers serve as proof as to the quality and variety of our warning signage range.

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Key Benefits

Long Lasting
Low Maintenance
Available in bright colours to increase visibility
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Technical Information

Key Benefits of Using Centriforce

When you opt to buy Warning signage products from Centriforce, you are doing so from a respected and long standing company who know what our customers are looking for when buying their warning markers and signage.

The below are just some of the benefits of sourcing these products from Centriforce:

  • Durable – Manufactured to be durable in all seasons thanks to their waterproof properties ;
  • Long Lasting – Not only are our signage and warning markers waterproof, they are also rot proof which ensures that they have a long service life;
  • Low Maintenance – Our warning signs have been specially designed to ensure low maintenance. Cleaning is therefore a simple task, as you can just wipe of wash our signage down;
  • Eye Catching – You need your warning markers to catch the eye easily, which is why our signage comes in bright colours to increase visibility;
  • Variety – Centriforce offers a wide variety of signage and warning markers to serve a multitude of circumstances.

We are UK Pioneers in Recycled Plastic Products

Find out what makes us unique as your damage prevention solutions provider.

About Us

Sustainability at heart

Environmental impact is at the forefront of our minds and the centre of our business model, and the materials we use are just one part of our vision for sustainability.

Decades of expertise

We’ve been developing damage prevention solutions for more than 40 years, so we know how to help our customers choose the right solution for them.

Continuous innovation

We were pioneers in damage prevention when we started, and we’re proud to still be ahead of the industry in developing cutting edge solutions.

Quality as standard

We don’t compromise on quality, offering solutions that are built to withstand heavy use, prevent damage and promote safer working for years to come.

Doing our part

At Centriforce, we’re proud that our products are manufactured using recycled plastic - putting our customers and the planet at the heart of what we do.

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