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Stokbord in Construction

About us

Learn More About Centriforce LTD

Since our conception in 1976, Centriforce has been one of the most innovative recycled plastic manufacturers in the UK.

Based in Liverpool, we aim to manufacture products which will help to prevent damage being caused to people, assets or utilities during industrial projects. Our recycled plastic damage prevention products have been found to have uses in a wide range of sectors including the Agriculture, Equestrian, Utilities, Building and Landscaping.

Our products are manufactured from recycled plastic materials such as plastic bottles, carrier bags which would otherwise be sent to landfill.

We are perhaps better known for our range of industry leading products which includes the ever popular Stokbord® Sheet which is highly regarded for its versatility, durability and sustainability. The versatility of Stokbord® ensures that it is used in a wide variety of different applications across a multitude of sectors.

Our core business operates primarily in 4 key sectors:

  • Utilities & Civil Engineering.
  • Building &Landscaping.
  • Agriculture &Equestrian.
  • Fabrication &Packaging.

Our Liverpool HQ

We operate from a large plastic manufacturing site which is home to the HQ of Centriforce in Liverpool.

Here we can process over 20,000 tonnes of plastic materials per annum. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to plastic product development, which includes working with both new and recycled plastic materials.

We are continuously working with customers and partners to devise new applications for our products which are designed to address market challenges, customer requirements and to reduce reliance on non-renewable materials. All of the products we produce are also fully recyclable, reinforcing our strong environmental credentials.

Our Brands

Our wide range of recycled plastic products are categorised into four different brands. The products which sit underneath these brands each share their own particular benefits and applications so as to satisfy the diverse needs across the many sectors that we operate in.

This helps us determine which brand and product would be the right choice for the purposes of each of our customer’s upcoming projects. If you are unsure which options would be right for your requirements, then you can always get in touch with our team for some expert guidance.

Each of our brands are underpinned by the Centriforce mission to protect, warn and minimise damage. You can learn more about our four brands below:


Stokbord®, the original recycled plastic sheet, is recognised across many markets around the world.

The Stokbord brand is continuing to expand as we produce a wider range of products to serve the demands of our customers. This includes plastic cable covers for the protection of underground pipes and cables, ground protection both inside and out and, of course, the original multi-purpose Stokbord Sheet which is widely used in farming and for a wide range of other fabrication and packaging applications.

Stokbord truly is a very versatile brand which serves the requirements of our customers across a diverse range of industries.


Tapetile® is a highly visible protection tape, which is used to provide a clear visual warning about buried utilities.

What sets it apart from other products on the market is that it comes with the added benefit of offering a degree of impact resistance when struck. Tapetile has been proven not to shatter or tear upon impact.

Tapetile also comes in roll format, which makes it both easier and quicker to install than conventional warning tapes.


The Locata® brand is all about warning, marking and locating. It includes signage and markers typically used by utility companies and railways.

In the Locata range, you will find warning tapes and plastic mesh products, this includes the detectable underground warning tapes and mesh which provides an additional alert to works using cable avoidance tools from the surface.


Duraplas® is a range of high-density polyethylene sheets and profiles which are the ideal alternative to traditional materials such as wood.

Over the years, our customers have utilised Duraplas products for numerous projects requiring strong and enduring durability, as well as weather& rot resistance. Duraplas products are available in custom lengths and colours to suit the requirements of the project.

Duraplas is a cost effective and long-lasting component for many fabrication and packaging projects which unlike wood, will not rot over time and is general much lower maintenance in the longer term.

The products which sit under this brand have been formed to serve the purpose of multiple applications ranging from outdoor plastic furniture & boardwalks, to secure lockers and path edging in its flexible rolled form.

Accreditation and Certification

Quality and safety are at the very heart of Centriforce’s operations and underpins all the products that we create.

As such, we are exceptionally proud to have been accredited with the following awards:

ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System
As a leading manufacturer and recycler of plastic products, we recognise our responsibility to operate with due concern for the environment. We have been recognised for this on account of our efforts to always minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System
Centriforce Products Ltd has established and implemented a Quality Management System, which is maintained and continually improved according to the requirements of ISO 9001. This helps us to ensure that all of the products we deliver to our customers are fit for purpose and adhere to our high standards. These efforts have been recognised via our product Quality Management Award.

ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety
Centriforce Products Limited recognises our employees as being the most important asset of the company and views the health, safety and welfare of those employees as paramount to the future development of the business.

We want Centriforce to be a great place to work, and to achieve this we strive to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our employees and persons who come into contact with the business.