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Quality Policy

Centriforce Products Limited manufactures plastic products for a wide variety of applications. Our business activity embraces innovation, with a diverse customer base in both UK and export markets.

Centriforce’s core purpose is to recycle and reprocess plastic waste and convert that waste into added value items that not only represent the most sustainable second life usage for recycled plastics, but also offer considerable economic and functional benefits over other materials.

The continuing Policy of Centriforce is to comply with all of the requirements of our clients. This achievement will result in securing efficiency, a strong customer focus and enhancement of long-term sustainability and profitability within the Organisation.

The Management Team will show leadership and commitment, and bear the responsibility for establishing, implementing, integrating and maintaining the Quality Management System.

We undertake to ensure sufficient resources are made available within the Organisation to achieve this. We undertake to ensure through communication, engagement, practical example and training that Quality is the aim of all members of the Organisation.

Through direction and support, each employee will have a proper understanding of the importance of the Quality System function, their responsibility to contribute to its effectiveness, and its direct relevance to the success of the Organisation.

Equally, every employee is responsible for, and will be trained to perform the duties required by his or her specific role.

The Organisation has a Policy of promoting continual improvement and setting of Quality Objectives in line with the framework laid down within ISO 9001 :2015 Standard.

These objectives will address the risks and opportunities within the Organisation as determined by Top Management.

We hereby certify that the Quality Manual and the Procedures accurately describes the Quality Management System in use within the Organisation to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 :2015.

The Quality Management System will be monitored, measured, evaluated and enhanced regularly under the Top Management’s ultimate responsibility, with regular reporting and communication of the status and effectiveness at all levels.