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Centriforce will continue to support essential industries and critical projects.

Many of our customers operate in the utility and agricultural industries which are absolutely vital, especially at this time. Keeping energy, water and telecoms functioning, and providing food supplies from farm to home respectively.

Therefore, Centriforce is committed to supporting our critical UK and export customers who work to make a difference in combatting this threat to our current and future standing.

As always, we are following government directives and taking all important and necessary measures to support the health and safety of our employees and partners throughout our operation.

Please get in touch with our Customer Service team via or speak with our account managers directly.

Our full statement is available here.

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Stokboard Duraplas Tapetile Locata

Centriforce has been operating for over 40 years and during this time we have reached into multiple key markets.

We have developed many relationships with supplier, distributors, contractors and end-users from four key sectors, and our expertise in each field has assisted us in manufacturing products to match our customers’ needs.

Utilities & Civils

Our products serve the Utilities & Civils markets by providing an extra level of safety on-site. Our Stokbord, Tapetile and Locata products each provide clear visual warnings for workers during excavation projects, with Stokbord and Tapetile providing a level of protection from mechanical strikes.

We manufacture products to meet EN ATS, EN12613 and individual DNO specifications.

Building & Landscaping

Accidental damage and mess can be easily created during building and landscaping work. From scuffs and cracks on indoor flooring and walls to surface damage to grass and turf from machinery and pedestrians.

Centriforce has developed and manufactured a range of products to assist in surface protection, for both internal and external use. Our team will support you in discovering what you need from our products, whether its weather-proof material or higher level protection, we’ll can support your needs.

Agriculture & Equestrian

For over 40 years, Centriforce has been working with farmers and agricultural distributors to develop and manufacture the optimal products for land and livestock management. Needing cost-effective durability without compromising on quality, customers in this market utilise our products for their maintenance needs.

Our recycled plastic products are water, rot, and chemical resistance, making cleaning and maintenance easy and more hygienic than traditional materials such as plywood. Perfect for agricultural applications.

Fabrication & Packaging

Centriforce has assisted with material production for a diverse range of fabrication projects. From outdoor furniture and boardwalks to secure storage boxes, we’ve assisted fabricators and developers with our recycled plastic material. Offering both HDPE and LDPE, with customisable colours, textures and thicknesses, our team can work with you to discover your project requirements and meet specifications.


To find out more about how Centriforce can cater for our sectors, get in touch or speak to our team today on 0151 207 8100.

Utilities & Civils

Centriforce are leaders in underground utility protection. Our products are used around the world to prevent damage to underground pipes and cables. Find out more

Building & Landscaping

Our range includes products to protect surfaces during building and landscaping projects, along with tapes and barriers to guide people and traffic. Find out more

Agriculture & Equestrian

Stokbord Sheet is well-known in the agriculture and equestrian sectors as a multi-purpose and durable sheet for a wide range of uses. Find out more

Fabrication & Packaging

From boardwalks and ecological fencing to animal shelters and secure lockers, Centriforce durable plastic sheet and profile components can be used for a variety of projects. Find out more