Stokbord Cover
Stokbord Cover
Stokbord Cover
installing stokbord cable cover in a trench
stokbord cover installation in the trench
stokbord cover utility protection tiles
stokbord cable cover being installed

Key Benefits

Proven high impact resistance
Clear visual warnings
Industry approved
Internationally approved
Long Lasting

Stokbord® Cover

Stokbord® Cover is one of our most widely utilised and trusted cable protection tiles, with a proven history of preventing damage to underground cables and utility services during manual labour.

Approved and trusted by utility companies across the world, Stokbord® cable covers are made from 100% recycled plastic and designed to withstand the significant impacts which can occur during manual labour and mechanical projects.

These industry leading plastic cable covers have undergone rigorous impact tests where they have proven to be extremely tough and capable of providing specified levels of underground cable protection in a range of different projects.

Stokbord® Cable covers are available in a choice of distinctive colours and feature bold warning text to ensure that they are highly visible to operators during construction projects. While we offer a range of standard designs, you will be able to specify your colour of choice and preferred text sizes when placing an order direct with Centriforce, with personalised text options also possible but dependent on minimum order quantities being met.

Not only is Stokbord® Cover able to withstand large impacts and is highly visible, these industry leading underground cable protection tiles are also impervious to water and rot proof regardless of whether they are placed in acidic or alkaline soil types. All of this makes it the cable protection product of choice for countless utility companies across the world.

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Key Benefits

Proven high impact resistance
Clear visual warnings
Industry approved
Internationally approved
Long Lasting
Technical Information
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Detailed Description

Technical Information

Key Benefits of Stokbord ® Cable Cover

  • Proven high impact resistance – Plastic cable cover solution which does not shatter on impact
  • Clear visual warnings – Available in a range of bright colours and with bold warning text
  • Hitting high standards – High quality & proven underground cable protection tiles which are manufactured to comply with industry specifications including ENA TS 12-23
  • Industry approved – Specified and approved by UK DNOs and National Grid
  • Internationally approved – Conforms to internationally recognised standards (e.g. BS 2484)
  • Long lasting – Rot-resistant and chemically inert underground cable protection tiles, meaning a long service life
  • Customisable – Available in a variety of colours and with personalised text subject to minimum order quantity being received


Stokbord® Cover - Specifications

OrganisationSpecificationStokbord® Cover Type AStokbord® Cover Type B
ENA Technical SpecificationENA-TS 12-23 Issue 3 Class 1
ENA Technical SpecificationENA-TS 12-23 Issue 3 Class 2
National Grid Technical SpecificationTS 3.05.07
SP Energy NetworksCAB-0-038 Issue No.3
Scottish & Southern Electricity NetworksLCP Underground Transmission Cable Specification Rev 03
Scottish & Southern Electricity NetworksSP-NET-CAB-441 Rev 01
British StandardBS 50520:2009
PAS (Publicly Available Specifications)PAS 256:2017
Northern PowergridNPS/002/003 Version 6
Electricity NorthwestElectricity Specification 400TT1 Issue 1
Western Power DistributionEngineering Specification EE SPEC: 120

Detailed Description

A Cost-Effective Solution for Plastic Cable Cover Protection

This industry leading plastic cable cover offers a variety of benefits not available with traditional concrete underground utility and cable protection solutions.

One of the most obvious benefits are the cost saving, with Stokbord® Covers helping to reduce both transportation and handling costs in comparison to concrete underground cable protection solutions. It is also far more visible when applied thanks to the bright colours that our plastic cable covers are available in.

Stokbord® Cover comes in the form of our individual cable protection tiles which are designed to be easy to install for operators. This not only reduces the time required to apply the necessary levels of underground cable protection cover at the start of each project but also improves safety levels by reducing the time spent by workers in potentially hazardous trenches on-site.

These benefits are available without compromising on strength, with Stokbord® Cover undergoing significant impact testing to prove its practicality. Centriforce manufactures variations to conform to specifications laid out by the UK Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) and the National Grid. You can read more information about the specifications and testing which this ground breaking plastic cable protection cover solution has undergone in the More Information tab below.

Where Can I Buy Stokbord Underground Cable Covers?

You can place an order for Stokbord Underground cable protection tiles direct from Centriforce. We can be reached via our online contact form or by giving us a call on 0151 207 8109.

Stokbord® Cover tiles are available in a choice of artwork colours and with personalised text when ordered directly from Centriforce. This is subject to minimum order quantities being reached.

The Centriforce team will also be happy to offer you advice and support when it comes to choosing appropriate quantities, as well as helping you find out if these are the right underground cable protection tiles for you.

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