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stokbord cover installation in the trench

Our Success in Sustainability

Location: UK Utilities & Civils

Sustainability has been at the heart of Centriforce’s operation since its inception. One of the UK’s pioneers for recycling over 40 years ago, Centriforce continues to pave the way in sustainable material innovation for a range of applications – from damage prevention for underground utilities with Stokbord® Cover and Drum, to agricultural protection and maintenance.

A UK manufacturer utilising UK waste, Centriforce reprocesses over 20,000 tonnes of discarded plastic material each year, such as plastic bottles, carrier bags and packaging film. Saving plastic from landfill and extending its useful life, Centriforce supports various key industries by manufacturing over 9 million metres per annum of high-quality and 100% recyclable products – most notably Stokbord®. As such Centriforce is one of the largest independent recyclers of plastic waste into end use products.

plastic film recycling

Leading by example, Centriforce developed Stokbord® Cover as a faster and safer solution for cable damage prevention. Replacing traditional clayware and concrete with recycled polyethylene featuring brightly coloured warnings, Stokbord® Cover continues to be an industry leading innovation – globally recognised and DNO specified with compliancy including National Grid TS 3.05.07 and ENATS 12-23 Class 1 & 2 specifications.

Affirming Centriforce’s policy for continuous improvement, the company has developed Stokbord® Drum. Launched to acclaim in 2019, Stokbord® Drum supplies the internationally recognised Stokbord Cover on a single industrial reel. Removing the need for workers in the trench and supporting installation efficiency, Stokbord® Drum is an incredible success in sustainable innovation. Stokbord® remains fully recyclable after use in application, extending the whole life of plastics and reducing the contribution to production waste.

Stokbord drum cable protection rolls

Centriforce’s unremitting drive for innovation directs their entire operation and highlights their dedication to promoting sustainable manufacturing – supporting global efforts to secure our environmental future. Centriforce is therefore uniquely placed to help customers and suppliers improve recyclability and reusability of their products, and contribute to a sustainable and circular future for plastic.