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Locata® Make your warning products count with easily detectable marking solutions

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The Locata® range from Centriforce offers a variety of detectable warning tape, barrier solutions and signage. Perfect for supporting the utilities and civil engineering industries, as well as railway networks and events, the Locata® range includes diverse solutions for clear visual warning demarcation.

Read on to learn more about the range of industries that rely on the Locata® products for their warning solutions.

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Locata warning tape


Supporting safety for utilities projects, our Locata® Warning Tape and Mesh products provide brightly coloured visual warnings for excavators, alerting them of the presence of buried cables and pipelines.

This application reduces the risk of accidental – and potentially lethal – impact strikes from mechanical and manual tools, assisting damage prevention and promoting on-site health and safety.

Centriforce manufactures Locata® Warning Tape to meet specifications from DNOs, as well as ENATS 12-23 and EN12613:2009, offering multiple options to meet your requirements. Plus, the tape is available with a detectable tracer wire for use with cable detection devices (CAT and Genny), or with perforation to increase visibility in excavation.

Locata® Underground Warning Mesh is designed to catch the eye during excavation, moving when struck by tools and plant machinery to alert workers of underground utility services. Also available with a detectable tracer wire, the Warning Mesh can signify the location of cables and pipelines prior to ground excavation.

Barrier Solutions

Locata® barrier solutions play a key role in supporting safety and providing clearly visible demarcation. Whether an area needs protection from pedestrian and wildlife traffic with Locata® Barrier Fencing, or clear on-site boundaries are required with Locata® Super Strong Barrier Tape, our solutions are consistently reliable and durable.

Locata® Super Strong Barrier Tape benefits from fast and effective application, providing a durable and cost-effective temporary cordoning solution for traffic direction and access restriction.

Locata® Barrier Fencing is a strong, colourful mesh roll that offers simple installation using posts to limit access to designated areas. Available in a range of colours and dimensions, our customisable Locata® Barrier Fencing is manufactured to your requirements.

locata warning signs and makers


The Locata® product range includes a variety of signage systems to warn against danger and mark locations for access points, junctions and valves. The range of signage features marker plates which are widely used on railways, in the water and electricity industries and for street lighting.

Our Locata® brand signage is weather-proof and ensures a clear and consistent warning to promote health and safety on work sites and within communities.

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