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Stokbord floorshield temporary floor protection in data centre

Stokbord® Floor Shield Selected For Temporary Floor Protection During Data Centre Build For Social Media Giant

Client: Social Media Giant Location: Demark and Ireland Building & Landscaping

Site safety is incredibly important for any construction project and should be the main focus prior to any work getting underway.

For many construction sites that face a heavy footfall, with multiple trades crossing paths throughout projects, damaged surfaces tend to be very common.

However, much of this damage can be avoided by using temporary floor protection products such as Stokbord® Floor Shield which not only prevents damage to flooring but also helps to reduce the risk of injury to the public or work related accidents.

Read on to learn more about how one social media giant utilised Stokbord® Floor Shield during the construction of a brand new data centre….

When is Temporary Floor Protection Required?

Temporary floor protection products are used throughout many construction projects around the world as they not only address hazards, but also prevent expensive damage being caused to floors.

These products are considered necessary in a wide range of construction and renovation projects as they can help to support cost efficiencies by reducing the need to pay for expensive repairs or cover the cost of accidental damage. It was for these reasons that one of our much valued clients chose Stokbord® Floor Shield for the task of protecting flooring during the construction of a brand new data centre for a rather well known social media giant.

Not only did Stokbord Floor Shield help to prevent damage being caused to concrete surfaces, but it also contributed to on-site safety thanks to its embossed slip-resistant surface. These anti-slip properties naturally help to reduce the chance of accidents occurring on site by improving the levels of worker safety offered.

Once construction was finished, our Stokbord® Floor Shield product was simply removed and stored away to allow final works on the flooring to be completed. This underlines another key benefit of Stokbord® Floor Shield in that it can be used multiple times across numerous projects. This brings with it obvious cost benefits over the longer term when compared to traditional materials such as plywood and timber that are not as hard wearing.

Compared to these traditional materials, Stokbord® Floor Shield is also waterproof and easy to clean, with bacterial and chemical resistant properties. Typical dust accumulation is no bother on account of this with its longevity allowing it to be rolled out again and again.

Stokbord® Floor Shield is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic making it splinter free which further improves on-site safety for employees. This durable product ultimately offers impact resistance without fuss.

Where Can I Order Stokbord® Floor Shield?

You can order our class leading temporary floor protection by speaking to our team. If you have any questions regarding Stokbord® Floor Shield and the rest of our Stokbord range, please do not hesitate to get in touch.