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Stokbord® Floor Shield Selected For Temporary Floor Protection During Data Centre Build For Social Media Giant

Stokbord® Floor Shield Selected For Temporary Floor Protection During Data Centre Build For Social Media Giant

Stokboard Duraplas Tapetile Locata
Client: Client Name Location: Demark and Ireland Building & Landscaping

Site safety is incredibly important for construction projects, and temporary floor protection materials can help identify and address hazards on-site. For sites that face a heavy footfall, with multiple trades crossing paths throughout projects, damaged surfaces can be very common.

For this reason, Centriforce Products Ltd supplied Stokbord® Floor Shield to the principal contractor for the construction of a social media giant’s data centres.

Our client used Stokbord® as a temporary floor protection to prevent finished concrete surfaces from construction wear and tear. Stokbord® Floor Shield also contributed to maintaining safety on-site due to its embossed slip-resistant surface.

Stokbord® Floor Shield provided heavy-duty, temporary floor protection of concrete flooring during works on-site, preventing damage from machinery, plant and foot traffic. Once construction was finished, Stokbord® Floor Shield was simply removed to allow final works on the flooring to be completed.

The primary benefit of Stokbord® Floor Shield is to temporarily protect surfaces from accidental damage. Preventing dents created by dropped tools and protecting doorways from chips when manoeuvring large items – Stokbord® Floor Shield offers durability and impact resistance without fuss.

Stokbord® Floor Shield also has clear benefits over traditional protection materials such as plywood and timber. Inherently waterproof, Stokbord Floor Shield provides an easy to clean surface with bacteria and chemical resistance, also reducing the accumulation of dust in the building environment. Manufactured from recycled plastic, Stokbord is splinter-free to assist on-site safety and prevent accidental injury to staff.

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