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Protrack™ Enhanced checker plate finish for our best grip yet, whenever you need it

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Enhanced checker plate finish for our best grip yet, wherever you need it

Protrack™ Ground Protection Mat is a versatile and durable board, made from 100% recycled plastic. The newest range from Centriforce, Protrack™ is the product of over four decades of industry expertise and innovation.

These mats are ideal for providing a temporary access route or roadway to a site, which is suitable for medium plant and machinery, as well as work personnel and the public.

Outdoor Damage Prevention Solution

Protrack™ Ground Protection Mat is designed for the protection of exterior grounds against damage caused by heavy machinery* and equipment during construction and building works. A sustainable alternative to traditional materials, Protrack™ Ground Protection Mat can be installed on soft grounds to mitigate the potential for rutting, and indentations during various projects.

Featuring an anti-slip checker plate design for increased traction, Protrack™ Ground Protection Mat combines on-site safety with damage prevention, making it the go to choice for a variety of uses across different applications.

*Suitable to take up to 15 tonnes depending on local ground conditions, users sould refer to suitability guide for further advice and must establish if Protrack is suitable for its intended application.

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