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Reptile Fencing

Our Duraplas® range helps to support protected reptile species

Client: Herpetosure Location: UK Fabrication

Did you know that the Great crested newt is a European protected species?

Their habitats are protected under Schedule 2 of The Conservation of Habitats due to the species declining significantly in recent decades. For many nationwide operations, Newt fencing is now required by the law.

Where Does Centriforce Come In?

We are proud to supply our Duraplas® Rigi Board product to companies manufacturing newt fencing and designing habitats for these environments.

Our product is a 100% recyclable HDPE plastic and is also both water and chemical resistant. This ensures that it is far better equipped to deal with year round weather conditions than traditional reptile fencing materials such as plywood and timber.

Ecological fencing is often utilised during infrastructure works and road developments that may affect natural habitats and wildlife. Duraplas Rigi Board has been proven to be a far superior alternative to traditional materials for newt fencing on account of its strength and versatility.

Protecting an Endangered Species

For over 20 years, Herpetosure has been developing market leading solutions to facilitate works at some of the most ecologically sensitive sites across the UK.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to work together with Herpetosure to create a range of new and advanced reptile ecological fencing solutions which brought a wealth of additional benefits over traditional product solutions which were made out of less sturdy materials such as timber and plywood.

Together we have created reptile ecological fencing which is designed to maintain natural habitats and protect species from harm or reaching areas where they could come into harm.

Herpetosure utilises the fabrication benefits of our Duraplas Rigi Board material. Supplied as flat sheets, Herpetosure works with the recycled plastic material in their own production line, ensuring the boards are fit for purpose in end-use.

In addition to this, we supply Duraplas in its Flexi Board format to manufacturers of ecological fencing. The increased flexibility of this product makes it a far better option for
providing tree root protection and similar applications as it can easily be moulded into tighter shapes.

Find Out How We Can Help

To discuss how we can support your project range with our recycled plastic materials, please get in touch with the Centriforce team.
We will be more than happy to work directly with you to understand your project requirements and help you to determine whether one of our materials can offer any advantages compared to those which are currently in use.