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Stokbord® Road Shield

Our newly developed Stokbord® Road Shield provides a durable surface protection for roads, pavements and highways against damage which can be caused during building and construction works.

This product is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and is inherently durable with an impressively long service life. Stokbord Road Shield is the perfect alternative to single use plywood spoil boards, reducing the risk of scratch, scrapes, gouges and scuffs to external surfaces. Once it has completed its useful life, the product is also fully recyclable which ensures that this impressive waterproof plastic sheeting material continues to serve a function.

Centriforce has worked tirelessly to design a plastic sheet for road protection which is both easy and safe to manoeuvre for on-site workers, featuring cleverly implemented hand holes and rounded corners. It is also inherently splinter-proof so as to ensure the health and safety of workers throughout the project.

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Additional Benefits for Contractors

Contractors often face customer complaints as well as hefty fines to repair damage caused during construction and maintenance works.

As many contractors and companies know, the average cost to repair just 1m² of pavements and roads is £1,500!

Stokbord Road Shield can help to keep these costs under control by minimising the risk of damage being caused to road surfaces without compromising its useful lifespan. It really is the new, must have product for road surface protection.

As well as helping you to achieve your internal KPIs, an additional benefit of Stokbord Road Shield is that it helps contractors demonstrate their environmental credentials on account of its being made from 100% recycled plastic and also being fully recyclable again once it has serviced its useful lifespan. Not only that, but it also helps showcase an organisations concern for the local community.

More Information

More Information

Key Benefits of Stokbord® Road Shield

  • Reusable for multiple projects – longer useful life compared to traditional plywood
  • Routed handholds for easy manoeuvrability on site
  • Simple installation with a two-man lift
  • Splinter-proof and waterproof sheet material requiring low maintenance and improving handling safety
  • Supports project KPI targets and reducing the risk of repair fines
  • Helps to minimise customer complaints and prevent damage to wider environments during works
  • 100% recyclable after use

Trusted manufacturing for over 40 years

Our core business is making high quality recycled products from plastic scraps such as plastic bottles, carrier bags, film, and packaging. This is discarded material that would otherwise be sent to landfill or export.

We are the manufacturer of some of the leading brands in the recycled plastics market. Our sheet product, Stokbord ®, is the most popular recycled plastic board available; its versatility, durability, and sustainability mean that Stokbord finds wide use across a range of markets.

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