Tapetile fibre optic cable protection roll installation
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Tapetile® Cable Protection Rolls

Our innovative Tapetile® Cable Protection Rolls have been a revelation in the recycled plastic utility protection market; proving to be both easier to apply and offering greater levels of protection than traditional utility warning tape.

Centriforce created Tapetile® as a utility protection product which would provide greater levels of protection than traditional warning tapes. It is manufactured from 100% recycled plastics (polyether polymers) which is both strong and flexible enough for us to be able to deliver this high quality cable protection product in roll format.

The Tapetile® Cable Protection Rolls have revolutionised the way that warning tape is applied, saving both time and money when compared to traditional applications used in the construction industry. It provides a high level of visibility and a layer of protection to any buried utilities that you may be looking to protect including electric cables and water/gas pipes.

The installation process really couldn’t be simpler, with Tapetile simply being unrolled into the trench by work crews. This saves a significant amount of time and our Tapetile® Cable Protection Rolls also come in very bright colours in order to provide clear visual warnings in the trench.

In addition to this, if the tile tape is accidentally hit during construction then you will find that this cable protection product offers a degree of resistance and will not shatter on impact. This versatile product also comes with the option of customisable warning text.

In order to provide the best possible levels of cable protection, or any protection for underground utilities, it is recommended that Centriforce Tapetile® Cable Protection Rolls are combined with our Stokbord Cover and Locata Warning Tape to support comprehensive utility damage prevention.

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More Information

Key Benefits Of Using Tapetile® Cable Protection Rolls

Tapetile® Cable Protection Rolls have been developed to support on-site safety and increase the visibility of buried services with their bright colours and customisable warning text. It can easily be installed above electricity cables, gas & water pipes in addition to buried telecom connections.

Other key benefits when using Tapetile® Cable Protection Rolls include:

  • Impact resistance – Offer a higher degree of impact resistance than traditional warning tapes;
  • Shatter Proof – Will not shatter upon impact
  • High Visibility – Come in bright colours and with bold warning text so as to provide clear visual warnings
  • Long Lasting – Rot proof and chemically inert, ensuring that a long service life is possible
  • Compliance – Tapetile® Cable Protection Rolls fully comply with ENA TS 12-23 & EN 12613-2009
  • Rubber Stamped – Specified and approved by DNOs
  • Customisable –Bold warning text used on rolls can be customised. Just ask a member of our team.

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