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Stokbord® Drum

Our Stokbord® Drum product has proven to be an innovation in mechanical underground utility protection.

Not only does it improve the speed at which underground protection for cables and pipelines can be applied, but Stokbord Drum also supports the improvement of safety levels for manual workers by removing the need for them to enter trenches on construction sites.

Stokbord® Drum offers the same trusted damage prevention as the globally recognised Centriforce Stokbord® Cable Cover product which has a proven reputation for providing heavy-duty protection for cables and pipelines.

However, the major difference is that Stokbord® Drum promises to provide the same levels of utility protection but comes in a handy and innovative rolled format which can be unrolled directly into a trench where it does not require any individual connection pegs.


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Where is Stokbord® Drum Used?

Stokbord® Drum is ideal for major infrastructure projects as it helps to prevent impact damage to varying utility services including HV, MW and LV electricity cables, in addition to buried gas and water pipes.

It has been used by key contractors for projects including Triton Knoll where it has significantly improved the speed at which the all-important underground protection for cables and pipes can be applied whilst also reducing the risk to workers on-site.

As with the Centriforce Stokbord® Cover, Stokbord® Drum is manufactured to internationally recognised standards and DNO specifications including ENATS 12-23 Class 1 & 2 as well as National Grid TS 3.05.07. Through our drive for innovation and long-standing relationships with utility organisations, Centriforce supports customers with a range of infrastructure projects and compliance requirements.

You can find a more extensive list of the standards to which Stokbord® Drum has been manufactured by clicking on the more information tab below.

More Information

More Information

Key Benefits of Stokbord® Drum

  • Time Savings – Significantly reduces the time required to install underground protection for pipes and cables;
  • Reduced Risk – Lowers the potential risk which is posed to operatives by reducing the need to enter a trench
  • Proven high impact resistance – Does not shatter when taking a significant impact
  • Easy to Spot – Provides clear visual warnings for workers with bright colours and bold warning text utilised
  • Long Lasting – Rot resistant and chemically inert meaning to ensure that it has a long service life
  • Conforms to Standard – Conforms to internationally recognised standards including ENATS 12-23 Class 1 & 2 & BS 2484
  • Proven in Industry – Tried and tested by UK Distribution Network Operators and their contractors


Stokbord Drum - Specifications

OrganisationSpecificationStokbord® Cover Type AStokbord® Cover Type B
ENA Technical SpecificationENA-TS 12-23 Issue 3 Class 1
ENA Technical SpecificationENA-TS 12-23 Issue 3 Class 2
National Grid Technical SpecificationTS 3.05.07
SP Energy NetworksCAB-0-038 Issue No.3
Scottish & Southern Electricity NetworksLCP Underground Transmission Cable Specification Rev 03
Scottish & Southern Electricity NetworksSP-NET-CAB-441 Rev 01
British StandardBS 50520:2009
PAS (Publicly Available Specifications)PAS 256:2017
Northern PowergridNPS/002/003 Version 6
Electricity NorthwestElectricity Specification 400TT1 Issue 1
Western Power DistributionEngineering Specification EE SPEC: 120

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Our core business is making high quality recycled products from plastic scraps such as plastic bottles, carrier bags, film, and packaging. This is discarded material that would otherwise be sent to landfill or export.

We are the manufacturer of some of the leading brands in the recycled plastics market. Our sheet product, Stokbord ®, is the most popular recycled plastic board available; its versatility, durability, and sustainability mean that Stokbord finds wide use across a range of markets.

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