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Temporary Floor Protection Products

Date: 19th March 2021 Ground Protection

One of the most notable concerns faced by construction companies is causing damage to sensitive grounds and internal flooring. Heavy machinery and workmen footfall combine to increase the likelihood of such damage occurring, which can cost construction firms money in terms of compensation and can also cause reputation damage.

Centriforce aims to reduce the likelihood of these scenarios occurring with our range of temporary floor protection products which are designed to accommodate the needs of various types of construction projects.

Read on to learn more about our temporary floor protection products so that we can help you pick out the right product for your upcoming projects. We are confident that we can help you save both time and money over the longer term by investing in our ground breaking products:

Stokbord ® Ground Shield

One of our most established and trusted temporary floor protection products is Stokbord ® Ground Shield. This is an anti-slip ground protection product which is designed to prevent damage occurring to sensitive external landscapes such as grassland.

This high quality temporary floor protection product has proven itself repeatedly in practice, with its anti-slip properties making it a great option in all weather conditions. It has been proven to reduce the amount of damage caused by even the heaviest of machinery on account of its inherent strength.

This temporary ground protection solution comes in a standard black colour and measures 1200mm x 2400mm. A special fixing system has been designed so that each sheet can be overlaid; this ensures that it takes less time to lay down ground protection initially and also offers greater levels of protection than conventional temporary ground protection products.

Stokbord ® Floor Shield

If you are working on a project where internal flooring is susceptible to damage, then Stokbord ® Floor Shield is the right temporary floor protection product for you.

Stokbord ® Floor Shield offers a significant number of benefits over traditional materials such as plywood, with one of the most notable being its durability which allows for it to be utilised repeatedly.

Safety is another area which is improved by the usage of this ground breaking temporary floor protection product, as unlike traditional materials it will not splinter and also offers anti-slip properties.

Stokbord ® Road Shield

The latest addition to our line of temporary floor protection products is Stokbord ® Road Shield which has been specially designed to provide protection for roads, pavements and highways during construction works.

Heavy machinery in particular can often pose a threat to such surfaces, but this ultra high strength material has proven to be more than a match for this and offers an impressively long service life. Unlike traditional materials, you will be able to use this temporary ground protection product repeatedly which brings longer term cost savings.

We have also designed this product to be safer for employees to work with on site, as unlike traditional materials it will not splinter and is also easy to assemble. This is in addition to the enhanced levels of protection that it will provide for surfaces.

Be Prepared with Centriforce

If you are still unsure which of our temporary floor protection products is right for your needs, then please get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team at any time.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping your business take the next step with our innovative product range.