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Stokbord floor shield installation

Protecting Your Workforce with Stokbord Floor Shield

Date: 12th May 2022 Building & Landscaping

Here at Centriforce, we are widely recognised and trusted for our wide range of recycled plastic products which help construction firms reduce the likelihood of accidental damage being caused to vital service lines or client property.

However, did you also know that we have introduced additional features into our products which can increase workforce safety levels?

Our innovative Stokbord Floor Shield product is primarily designed to protect client flooring from accidental damage during construction works. This has been widely praised in industry and chosen as the floor protection of choice by a selection of businesses in a wide variety of different industries. This includes during the construction of a vital data centre belonging to a well known social media giant.

However, our Stokbord Floor Shield product doesn’t just prevent damage being caused to property; it can also help to improve safety levels for construction workers and any other individuals traversing the protected area. This is because Stokbord Floor Shield is designed to offer anti-slip protection; a feat which has been achieved without impact on the inherent strength of this innovative material.

Alongside our Stokbord Floor Shield product, we also offer equally strong and trusted products which provide protection for road surfaces and external landscapes. This protection is provided by our Stokbord Road Shield and Stokbord Ground Shield products.

As suggested by the naming convention, Stokbord Road Shield prevents damage being caused to roading which can be caused by footfall or heavy machinery.

Stokbord Ground Shield meanwhile has been designed to provide protection for sensitive ground and preserve grass from damage from similar sources.

If you would like to learn more about these innovative products or anything else within the Centriforce portfolio, then please get in touch with a member of our team online or by calling us on 0151 207 8100.