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worker using stokbord drum

Innovation in action – watch Stokbord Drum in its latest project application

Date: 25th March 2021 Utilities & Civils

Centriforce are pleased to share that Stokbord® Drum has been installed as part of SSE’s improvement programme – Petersfield – Fernhurst Network Upgrade. The multinational energy company SSE has launched a network upgrade programme set to future-proof the local electricity infrastructure for homes and businesses of Petersfield, Fernhurst and the surrounding areas. Through cable network upgrades and the refurbishment of an established substation, SSE’s work will prepare the network for future commercial and residential connections.

Born from our policy for innovation and continuous improvement, Stokbord® Drum is a faster and safer alternative to traditional buried cable and pipeline protection. Stokbord® Drum is a single material strip supplied on an industrial reel which, to install, is simply unwound into the trench removing the need for operatives to set foot below ground. Suitable for high impact protection against heavy-duty tooling and machinery, Centriforce manufactures Stokbord® Drum to the same industry standards as our globally trusted Stokbord® Cover. The installation time and cost benefits gained through this innovation makes Stokbord® Drum the perfect partner for large scale utility projects.

Watch our video of Stokbord® Drum:

This application is an excellent example of Stokbord® Drum’s project versatility. While many large infrastructure projects take place in open environments such as fields and rural land, this installation occurred along a dual carriageway lined with trees and bushes. As surrounding conditions may have limited the availability of larger machinery, the operators installed Stokbord Drum without compromising on efficiency.

Key benefits of Stokbord Drum

Stokbord® Drum offers a range of key benefits to constructors and end-users including:

  • Time and cost saving – Stokbord® Drum significantly reduces installation time in comparison to traditional cable protection, up to 5x faster than alternatives
  • Reduced Risk – Helps to reduce potential risks posed to operatives by reducing the need to enter the trench
  • Industry Specifications – Stokbord Drum complies with all UK and international industry specifications
  • High impact resistance – Meets the same standards as Stokbord® Cover – Stokbord® Drum does not shatter on impact from heavy-duty tooling and machinery
  • Highly visible – Stokbord® Drum uses bright colours and bold text to provide a clear visual warning to workers and excavators on-site
  • Long-lasting – Rot resistant and chemically inert to ensure the product’s long service life

worker using stokbord drum

Stokbord® Drum has also been installed on major infrastructure projects including:

  • Triton Knoll
  • Hornsea 2
  • Dogger Bank

…and more large-scale works to be supplied in 2021 and beyond.

For questions and enquiries about Centriforce’s Stokbord® Drum, our expert team are here to help. You can reach us by telephone: +44 (0) 151 207 8109, email: or submit a message directly.