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plastic film recycling

Centriforce Featured in Leading Global PET Survey

Date: 15th March 2022 Fabrication

Centriforce has recently been featured in a new survey conducted by Advance Market Analytics (AMA) which analyses some of the leading players in the Global polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottle recycling market.

This in-depth report highlights overall market trends as well as projected developments which are likely to shape the industry over the coming years, up to and including 2026.

Centriforce has a proven history as one of the innovators in the recycled plastic industry since our conception in 1976. Our quality products are all created using only waste plastic materials which are then also fully recyclable after their use.

As part of our LDPE recycling process, we feed in recyclable plastic materials from a wide range of sources, including waste plastic bottles. The necessary materials are separated out and granulated as part of this process; resulting in useful new materials and products including our high strength underground cable protection products in addition to a wide variety of rot-resistant plastic materials for fabrication projects ranging from outdoor plastic furniture manufacturing to easy to clean down sheets for animal habitats.

We were one of the first innovators focusing on recycled plastic materials in the UK and have subsequently gone on to support major companies as they look to emulate our circular use practices. This includes brands such as Pelipod to whom we supplied the necessary materials to produce intelligent lockers used by British Telecom (BT) engineers working on the Final Mile project.

Other brands who have utilised our recycled plastic materials including Chester Zoo, Knowsley Safari Park and a well known social media company.

These products are all manufactured at our LDPE granular extrusion plants which have continued to lead the way for almost five decades, during which time environmental consciousness has become an ever-larger focus for more companies, industries and individuals across the world.

You can request a sample copy or purchase the entire report over at the AMA website.

If you are interested in learning more about our LDPE recycling process or any of our industry leading products, then please feel free to send us a message online at any time.