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Stokbord Drum provides innovative protection

Date: 31st July 2019 Ground Protection

Recycled plastic offers pioneering protection

One of the UK’s leading utility protection manufacturers has launched a pioneering solution to put damage prevention projects on the fast-track.

Developed and manufactured by Centriforce, the all-new Stokbord® Drum is set to transform the installation process of Stokbord Cover across the sector, providing a faster and safer solution.

Under the new initiative, Stokbord Cover can now be supplied on a reel, enabling the product to be rolled across a large area with minimal intervention, instead of laying individual one metre Covers.

Offering first-class safety and efficiency benefits, Stokbord Cover is renowned across the industry for its ability to deliver heavy duty protection for buried utilities, including gas, water, electricity and telecoms.

It also gives a clear visual warning of the presence of underground pipes and cables.

Jonathan Pearce, Head of Sales at Centriforce, said: “Working collaboratively with our customers, we recognised that the amount of time spent in the trench was a rising concern.

“As a result, the new Stokbord Drum system has been created to deliver a mechanical rather than manual installation, keeping operatives safer and at the same time significantly speeding up the process.

“It reduces the manual labour involved and creates a lower risk environment as operatives spend less time in the trench.”

As well as supporting safety on site, Stokbord Drum also delivers a sustainable solution as it is manufactured from recycled polyethylene waste.

Confidence is further assured with the product tested against a vigorous in-house programme, to ensure Stokbord Cover complies and conforms to internationally recognised standards, such as ENA TS 12-23 and EN 12613.

Centriforce, established over 40 years ago, is based in Liverpool and is at the forefront of plastics recycling in the UK.

Trusted by civil engineering and utility companies world-wide, the company designs and manufactures damage prevention products and services to protect, locate and detect assets.