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Our Cable Protection Cover Products

Date: 21st September 2021 Utilities & Civils

Having the right materials and equipment can make the difference between success and failure during any project. This is why our customers trust our range of tried and test products which have proven their value across utility projects for decades.

Underground electrical cables are one of the greatest hazards faced by workmen during such projects, and we have therefore set about creating a range of cable protection products that are designed to work in conjunction to provide those on-site with the best possible levels of cable protection cover. This includes cable protection cover products which act as visual warning indicators and act as physical barriers to prevent operatives from accidentally striking live electrical wires or any other vital components.

Accidents can happen all too easily and have the potential to cost a vast amount of both time and money before even considering the potential safety ramifications. We have therefore put together this guide to help you gain a better understanding of each of the cable protection products that we have in our portfolio in order to help you determine exactly what you will need for any upcoming projects.

Stokbord ® Cable Cover

Stokbord ® Cable Cover is well established with a proven reputation as one of the most trusted underground cable protection products on the market.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, this high strength product can withstand the kind of significant impacts that inevitably occur during utility and manual labour projects. The strength of Stokbord ® Cable Cover has been independently proven with it having undergone heavy impact tests and also having harnessed a reputation in the underground utilities sector based on real world experiences.

Stokbord® Cover is available with bespoke artwork featuring your choice of text and film colours (depending on minimum order quantities).

Locata® Marker Posts

Locata Marker Posts serve as part of our above ground cable protection range and provides workers with noticeable visual warnings as to the presence of potentially hazardous and important underground cables and service pipelines.

This is effectively the first line of protection and can also be personalised with the addition of custom warnings which are specific to your operation.

Locata Marker Posts can also support corporate environmental policies, having been manufactured using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is fully recyclable after use.

Locata ® Warning Mesh

This highly visible and eye catching product serves as another layer of protection by providing workmen with a visual warning as to the presence of underground utilities. This will ultimately lessen the potential for accidental strikes which can cost time, money and also have safety implications.

Locata Warning Mesh can work alongside Stokbord® Cover by adding a visual layer of protection on top of the physical barrier which comes in the form of our Stokbord® Cover product.

An alternative to this is the upgraded Locata ® Detectable Warning Mesh which is constructed from the same material as our warning mesh but with the addition of a detectable wire tracer. This helps workers to identify and mark the presence of cables and utilities prior to digging into the surface.

Tapetile ® Cable Protection Rolls

Centriforce has a history of innovation and creativity. Having noted that workmen were at their highest levels of risk when in trenches on site, we set about looking at ways to reduce the amount of time it takes to apply visual cable protection warnings.

The end result of this process was our revolutionary Tapetile Cable Protection Roll which is significantly easier and faster to apply than traditional cable protection warning products. Operatives simply have to unroll the product into the trenches with a variety of custom colours available depending on your preference.

An additional benefit which comes with Tapetile cable protection rolls is that it is manufactured from 100% recycled plastics. This not only supports environmental policies but also provides physical underground cable protection in the event of these sensitive utilities being struck by equipment.

Complete Cable Protection

Depending on the depth of your project, we personally recommend that the best levels of cable protection can be achieved by combining Tapetile cable protection rolls with our Stokbord cable cover. Together these products ensure both physical and visual protective cover for electrical cables and other utilities.

If you require any further advice or would like to ask us a question, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team online.