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Where can your industry use temporary ground protection?

Date: 26th May 2023 Ground Protection

Not everything in life is permanent, and the same can be said for your ground protection requirements. Sometimes, a temporary solution can be perfect for the job, but it isn’t always a one-size-fits-all decision. Whether you work in construction, agriculture, utilities or more, there are benefits to using the right kind of temporary ground protection. 

Continue reading to learn more about temporary ground solutions and the benefits of implementing them into your business.

Benefits beyond your imagination

When carrying out work involving heavy machinery, tools, or animals, there is a risk of causing damage to the ground which can be time-consuming and expensive to repair. A form of protection is needed that doesn’t take long to install and isn’t invasive to the very ground you are trying to protect. This is where temporary ground protection comes into play.

Temporary ground protection solutions are completely removable after use, and non-invasive installation means zero traces of the product are left behind. 

Temporary ground protection solutions aren’t just there to shield the ground. They offer a multifaceted form of protection, safeguarding your business’ reputation and finances too. And, in the case of our Stokbord® temporary ground protection range, they can even help protect the planet. Made from 100% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable, these temporary ground protection solutions help your business and your environment. 

As environmental awareness has encouraged businesses to make more sustainable choices, there has been a rise in the popularity of traditional materials like plywood. However, the understanding that they are the most sustainable material available is a misguided one. Often, plywood and other wood materials are mixed with laminates to match the performance of virgin plastics. However, they are still liable to the rotting, splintering and cracking that is expected of wood, and the treatment makes them difficult to dispose of ethically. The recycled plastic temporary ground protection solutions available at Centriforce are proven to last 5 times longer than traditional building materials, saving you time, resources and money on replacement and maintenance.

Destruction of construction

If you are in the construction industry, you might be familiar with the “it’s got to get worse before it gets better” mindset. Most construction work undertaken involves invasive work. It is not until the final stages of a project, once waste has been cleared from the site, that you see the extent of any ground damage and act accordingly.

However, this does not have to be the case if sufficient protection has been implemented from the start. The Stokbord® range protects the ground from heavy machinery and tools, potentially damaging materials, dirt and debris. Stokbord® Road Shield protects your business, roads, pavements and paths from damage caused by heavy machinery, as well as streamlining clean-up after completion. 

There are three key reasons you must pay due diligence when protecting roads and pavements from damage during construction work.

  • Financial costs
  • Damage to reputation 
  • Dirt and debris

The financial cost of repairs can soon skyrocket because of the lack of control your company has over the implementation of repairs. The local council has the authority to complete repairs to road surface damage caused by construction, and send the bill your way. It legally does not have to make you aware of the reparations bill until after the work is complete. 

Damaged roads or pavements directly lead to damages to the reputation of your business. If the necessary steps are not taken to avoid damages you may find yourself with dissatisfied customers or, at worst, legal action. In either instance, you can expect a reduction of income from losing clients or paying legal fees. 

The construction sector is known for producing a lot of waste, and this includes dirt, dust and debris. It is important to leave a job looking better than when you arrived, so it is essential to do a thorough clean-up before moving on to the next project. Stokbord® Road shield acts as a buffer between the ground and waste products from construction. 

Stokbord® Road Shield is an invaluable temporary ground protection solution made specifically for the construction industry. Designed for simple installation, it features ergonomic handles for ease of use, and the product is both waterproof and impact resistant, so it can be repurposed time and again with little to no maintenance required.

Internal construction

Many domestic and commercial construction projects also take place indoors, where internal floors are far more vulnerable to damage compared to external grounds. Temporary, non-invasive ground protection is imperative in such circumstances. 

Stokbord® Floor Shield is ideal for internal construction work like renovations. Thanks to its inherent durability, it serves to protect floors from heavy machinery and tools and can be used repeatedly. It has been designed with ease of use in mind and, thanks to its unique connection system, it is easy to install and dismantle – all the while staying in place until you get the job done.

Watch this video to see Stokbord® Floor Shield in action

Level terrain

Construction projects often require access for vehicles dropping off materials, machinery or transportation of the workers. Often the ground on construction sites can be unstable or uneven, making them difficult to access safely. This is where an affordable temporary solution is needed. Stokbord® Sheet is long-lasting, durable and maintenance-free. Simply lay it across uneven terrain to create a secure ramp or more stable surface to drive or walk upon.

Protection that isn’t just surface level

Another sector in which Stokbord® Sheet proves instrumental in protecting the ground and workers is the utility industry. Stokbord® Sheet can be used to help create safe pathways during underground work, stabilising the ground and helping advance the safety of works. Utility works often mean extensive excavation, and Stokbord® Sheet can be used to contain debris and dirt, reducing mess and quickening clean up. 

Adventures for agriculture

Temporary ground protection is a requirement for the agricultural sector in both indoor and outdoor settings. For temporary shelters, it is important to maintain even and dry flooring to preserve livestock foot and joining health. Stokbord® Sheet is both water-resistant and chemical resistant, meaning that it can be disinfected between uses to reduce the spread of infection and disease. 

Work on farms is often dictated by the seasons, meaning that ground protection is not a requirement on specific areas of the farm all year round. During the wetter months, however, softer grounds like pastures are more vulnerable to being churned up and damaged by heavy machinery. This can lead to heavy machinery getting stuck in the mud and creating pools of stagnant water that can harbour infection. Stokbord® Sheet can be used as a trackway to help prevent damage to grounds caused by machinery, so you know your farmland is protected. 

Temporary ground protection offers far more than simply protection for internal and external floors and grounds. It can protect your business’ reputation, enhance employee safety and even help contribute to a better environment. The Stokbord® range provides a variety of products that are perfect for use across many sectors with multi-functional, long-lasting and easy to use solutions.

Speak to one of our expert team members today to find out more about our temporary ground protection solutions.