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stokbord recycled plastic sheet equestrian usage

Stokbord® Sheet provides material solution to farm stock management

Date: 31st July 2019 Agriculture & Equestrian

Trusted by generations of farmers for over 40 years, Stokbord® Sheet is one of the sector’s most versatile products for the housing and care of livestock.

Manufactured exclusively by Centriforce, Stokbord recycled plastic sheets and boards have been heralded best-in-class for an array of applications, including cattle races and stock pen lining.

As the market leader for its proven durability and reliability, the plastic sheeting offers long term advantages over materials including plywood and galvanised steel.

One of Stokbord’s key benefits is that it is easy to wash down, making it the perfect partner for environments where hygiene is crucial.

Jonathan Pearce, Head of Sales at Centriforce, said: “Stokbord Sheet is highly chemical resistant, and can be cleaned time and time again.

“It can also withstand Defra approved disinfectants, offering farmers the ultimate protection against disease.

“Compared with materials such as plywood, which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria when it gets damp, Stokbord Sheet is rot proof and boasts excellent longevity lowering whole life costs.”

Stokbord is also gaining ground due to its acoustic performance, and ability to protect livestock from injury.

Jonathan added: “We’ve spoken to customers in the past that have been looking for a solution for noisy cattle runs.

“When livestock collide with galvanised steel it can be extremely loud and they can also become spooked by their reflections, but farmers who have switched to Stokbord have reported major improvements in noise levels and the efficiency of animals moving through the race.”

Although Stokbord is renowned for its strength and robustness, its flexibility can be another advantage to the wellbeing of livestock – if they hit or kick the sheets, it is flexible enough to absorb the impact.

Manufactured from 100 per cent recycled plastic waste, and backed by a comprehensive testing programme, Stokbord is available in a range of sizes, shapes and thicknesses, supplied via a national network of distributors.