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Reducing Business Expenditures at a Time of Spiralling Costs

Date: 22nd June 2022 Building & Landscaping

With sudden energy price rises hitting businesses across the UK, it has never been more important to find new and innovative ways to reduce company expenditures.

Construction companies are just as susceptible as any other, but there are ways that those operating in the industry can save money in the longer term by making an investment in the right equipment.

We produce the innovative Stokbord Floor Shield product which is designed with the intention of helping to reduce the potential for damage caused to client property during construction processes.

Made from recycled plastic materials, our product has proven its worth to countless construction companies, with this high strength material helping to reduce the propensity for damage which can lead to costly claims and possible reputational damage.

Traditionally many construction companies have utilised materials such as plywood to reduce the chance of damage being caused to client property. However, these materials lack the strength of Stokbord Shield and also do not offer the anti-slip properties which can help to protect both employees and clients whilst on-site.

By lowering the propensity for damage and injury, Stokbord Floor Shield offers construction companies a means through which to reduce the likelihood of unexpected repair costs which can prove financially devastating. This is no more true than at a time when unexpected business expenditures are already an area of high concern for so many.

One thing we haven’t covered is the potential reputational damage which can be caused to a brand as a result of customer dissatisfaction. By reducing the potential for this occurrence, investing in Stokbord Floor Shield can also be seen as a means through which to protect your brand and your business.

It is also important to consider ongoing costs for construction firms in relation to this product. Of course, traditional materials such as plywood can be easily damaged by moisture which contributes towards them being often being discarded after their initial use. Stokbord Floor Shield has the potential to eradicate these limitations, being easy to wash down and potentially reusable across different construction projects.

If you would like to learn more about how Stokbord Floor Shield or any of our other recycled plastic products can help your construction businesses at a time of great change, please feel free to contact our team at any time.