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barn owl nest construction

Explore Our Recycled Plastic Plywood Alternatives

Date: 8th April 2021 Agriculture & Equestrian

As the population becomes more aware of human impact on our plane, an increasing number of organisations are also waking up to the fact that changes must be made to alter traditional and unsustainable behaviours.

Centriforce has been one of the companies leading this fight with our innovative recycled plastic products, some of which have emerged as viable plastic plywood alternatives.

In fact, not only are our products more environmentally friendly, but they offer a wide range of additional benefits including durability and ultimately cost savings over the longer term.

Here we take a look through our selection of our recycled plastic plywood alternatives and highlight instances where these products have been used instead of traditional materials in practice.

Stokbord® Sheet

The Stokbord ® Sheet is one of our most popular materials with clients, and is it commonly used by businesses in the agricultural sector.

Stokbord Sheet is regularly used by farmers across the UK and Europe to support livestock management and housing maintenance. A great alternative example of it being utilised as a plastic plywood alternative was at the Gloucestershire Barn Owl Centre where plywood had traditionally been used to create barn owl nesting boxes. The major problems here were that the plywood nesting boxes were susceptible to water damage and leaking toxic chemicals into the surrounding region which could be harmful to other wildlife.

We recommended our Stokbord ® Sheet as a plastic plywood alternative as it not only offered the waterproof properties that were lacking from the plywood, but also proved to be non-toxic and far longer lasting which naturally brought with it cost savings.

Stokbord® Ground Shield

Another Stokbord ® product which has been utilised as a plastic plywood alternative is the impressive Stokbord ® Ground Shield.

This is a product we developed to protect sensitive ground from the damage which can be caused by heavy machinery during construction works. Coming in a standard black colour and with each sheet measuring 1200mm x 2400mm in size, the convenient fixing system means that the sheets can easily be overlaid and it also proves to be far stronger than traditional materials like plywood.

The improved durability, strength and handy fixing system means that Stokbord ® Ground Shield is now often used by those in the construction industry as a plastic plywood alternative for protecting sensitive grounds. It can also be washed down and used again on other projects, ensuring that it brings longer term cost benefits when compared with traditional materials which can only be used once.

Duraplas® Rigi Board

Another of our products that is used by customers as a recycled plastic plywood alternative is Duraplas ® Rigi Board.

Duraplas ® is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and purposefully designed to be resistant to both chemicals and water. This makes it more durable and longer lasting than materials which have traditionally been used in an agricultural setting. Its rigidity and durability bring cost savings over the longer term when compared with materials such as plywood, chipboard and MDF.

An example of this being used in practice was during our project with Herpetosure who had traditionally used plywood to create reptile fencing solutions during construction projects in ecologically sensitive areas.

Our Duraplas ® Rigi Board was recommended to Herpetosure as a plastic plywood alternative and it immediately proved to be a far superior material thanks to its resistance to water which naturally improved the longevity of the structures. In addition to this, the fact that it is chemically inert led to this plastic plywood alternative being far less harmful to the wider habitat.

Transform Your Work Practices

If you would like to receive more information about our plastic plywood alternatives or to discuss how our recycled plastic products could replace traditional materials which are proving to be lacking, then please contact our team.

We will be happy to provide you with honest advice and opinions on whether the Centriforce range could be a viable option for you and your business in any of your upcoming projects.