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From Recycled Plastic Chicken Coops to Dressage Arenas

Date: 23rd June 2021 Agriculture & Equestrian

Centriforce has a long history of innovation, with our recycled plastic materials proving to be of use in a wide range of industries.

The agriculture and equestrian sectors are excellent examples of where our products have revolutionised the manufacture and design of everyday necessities, resulting in long running cost savings and reducing environmental damage for the companies lucky enough to benefit from this.

In this post, we take a look at how our recycled plastic materials have been utilised in both of these sectors. Some of the benefit gleamed from these innovative projects may well surprise you…

Nesting Boxes for Barn Owls

The Barn Owl Centre in Gloucester is a registered charity which has been set up to improve the preservation and conservation of British barn owls.

As part of their work, The Barn Owl Centre sells a range of bird boxes which are designed and built in house using traditional materials such as timber and plywood. Both of these materials have low levels of durability in such applications over time on account of the fact that neither is waterproof.

The Barn Owl Centre approached Centriforce in regards to this, attracted by the enhanced durability of our recycled plastic materials. We proposed the adoption of our Stokbord recycled plastic sheet as an alternative material and the results proved to be outstanding, with the new eco bird boxes not only offering the expected enhanced durability, but reducing the possibility of chemical leaching into the wider habitat.

Horse Stables & Dressage Arenas

From a small animal to one of the largest in the UK -we were approached by Prestige Place Stables with a view to creating 100 horse stables for their customers that would be up to the same very high standards as the training facilities they offer.

Centriforce recommended the Stokbord recycled plastic sheet as a source material for the construction of these stables, with our recycled plastic solution being both easier to clean and more enduring to the effects of water. We felt that this would make it easier to maintain good hygiene levels for the animals in addition to reducing concerns over the effects that the waste water could have on the stables.

Centriforce can also count Gareth and Jessica Hughes among its customers, who are the only husband and wife duo in the international dressage arena. By utilising our weather proof materials, their training facilities have been transformed and are now usable during the harsh winter months.

Recycled Plastic Animal Housing

Our recycled plastic products have proven themselves on countless occasions within the equestrian and agricultural space. This has attracted the attention of big brands such as Chester Zoo who have also utilised our products to manufacture a variety of different structures ranging from recycled plastic poultry houses to rodent enclosures.

As with our other customers, Chester Zoo has found that the weather proof nature of our materials brings with it obvious benefits compared to animal shelters constructed from conventional plywood and timber.

We Can Help You…

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We will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements, enabling you to determine whether our recycled plastic materials could bring you benefits.