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duraplas profiles used in bench

Creating Garden Furniture from Recycled Materials

Date: 14th July 2021 Fabrication

With summer fast approaching and an increased number of bars and restaurants now looking to accommodate outdoor dining in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, garden furniture is increasingly proving to be in demand.

Traditionally garden furniture has been manufactured from wood materials such as timber which have a limited shelf life as they tend to rot in wet weather conditions. However, Centriforce has a solution which not only increases the lifespan of such furnishings, but can also support the environmental policies of your business.

Alternate Materials for Recycled Plastic Garden Furniture

In the past, businesses in the hospitality industry have traditionally purchased garden furniture in the knowledge that it will eventually rot. The inevitability of this is exacerbated if wooden furnishings are not maintained to the recommended standards.

However, both of these issues can be significantly reduced by using our innovative Duraplas Profile recycled plastic planks instead of traditional woods such as plywood. Not only does it promise to last up to four times longer than timber products, but creating garden furniture from recycled materials also reduces the need for vigorous maintenance schedules which costs both time and money.

These are not the only benefits which can be gained by opting for garden furniture made from recycled materials such as Duraplas Profile. In addition to potentially improving the environmental impact of your business, it is also a non-porous material which does not support the organic growth of bacteria. This makes Duraplas Profile easy to clean and maintain throughout its use.

Yet another benefit worth noting is that Duraplas Profile is UV resistant. This means that unlike traditional materials, the colour will not fade over time.

Customised Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Duraplas Profile is customisable and can be supplied in varying different colours depending on customer requirements. The versatility of Duraplas Profile is further heightened by the fact it is possible to easily cut it to size or drill into.

All of this ensures that your business can have the right size garden furnishings which are consistent with the colour scheme of your brand and also easier to maintain than alternatives made from traditional materials.

Duraplas in Application

One of the many high profile companies to have recognised the potential benefits offered by our recycled plastic materials is John Lewis.

As part of their social responsibility activities, employees of Waitrose in Bracknell opted to take on the mammoth task of laying 1,750 much needed replacement planks through a protected woodland path which was teeming with protected wildlife near to their office. Centriforce materials were sought for this due to their rot resistant nature with traditional wooden options also having the side effect of releasing potentially harmful chemicals into the natural habitat which could prove poisonous to wildlife.