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Our Impact Protection Range

Date: 6th April 2023 Ground Protection

Reducing impact in more ways than one

At Centriforce, we’ve developed an extensive range of impact-resistant products that don’t cost the earth. With 40 years of experience working alongside professionals in the utility, construction and agriculture industries, we have developed high-quality, versatile impact-resistant products to help your company minimise damage. 

But impact protection isn’t one-size-fits-all, and it’s important to ensure you have the right planning, equipment and knowledge to minimise damage in your sector. Read on to find out how to protect against impact in your industry, and how our extensive product range can help.

Unearthing the dangers of underground utilities

When embarking on underground projects it is important that you are fully equipped with the right materials to help protect your workers, your equipment and the existing underground utilities. 

Underground utilities can be damaged in a variety of ways, from being cut by sharp tools during excavation to being crushed by heavy objects and powerful machinery. For your workers, the impact of a utility strike can range from severe burns to hands, face and body to exposure to dangerous materials, even if protective clothing is being worn. 

Buried pipes and cables are particularly dangerous, as you do not always know they are there until you uncover them. It’s also impossible to tell if electrical cables are live just by looking at them, and damage to live electricity infrastructure can cause serious, or even lethal, electrical arcs and explosions.

To help avoid these issues, Centriforce offers a broad range of tried and tested impact-resistant products that are specifically designed for underground use in the utilities sector.

Our Stokbord® Cable Cover has been designed with your workers’ safety in mind, providing impressive protection from manual digging and mechanical equipment. Having gone through extensive impact testing, our Stokbord® Cable Cover is robust and durable, suitable for use in an array of high-impact environments including the protection of underground pipes and cables.

See how the Stokbord® Cable Cover has helped other businesses.


Although undeniably important, taking precautions to prevent damage to underground utilities can often be seen as an arduous, costly and time-consuming process. But with the Stokbord® Drum, impact solutions can be implemented without the fuss. Providing protection for cables and pipelines, the Stokbord® Drum cuts the time taken to apply Stokbord® Cable Cover, while also improving the safety level of your workers by removing the need for them to get into trenches on construction sites. 

Detect to protect

One of the best ways to avoid utility strikes is to be aware of any pre-existing buried utilities before beginning work. Making this possible requires due diligence from both the utility provider and the construction company, so make sure you are familiar with your region’s requirements surrounding the proposals for underground utilities. 

Visual warnings are some of the most simple yet effective measures you can take to help protect your utilities from being damaged through heavy impact. Our Locata® Underground Warning Tapes are approved by the Electricity Distribution Network for classifications ENA TS 12-23 and EN12613, reassuring you that the Locata® range is a trusted product within the industry. Locata® Underground Warning Tapes are simply buried a few inches above the underground utility, alerting future workers with the brightly coloured tape and stopping them before they accidentally strike the pipe or cable.

It’s also possible to help alert future workers before they even start digging. Detectors can be used to find out the positioning of underground utilities from the surface, but this could mean that the pipe or cable is unprotected and vulnerable to strike. However, using a detectable tape over the utility provides a layer of impact protection as well as being detectable from the surface, offering the best of both solutions.

Our Locata® Detectable Tape and Detectable Warning Mesh are made from high-quality and durable polymers, offering an early visible warning and indication of an underground utility to your workers. At the end of each roll, there is a steel tracer wire which supports signal tracing along the length of the trench. This allows planners and site managers to locate utilities before excavation commences, reducing the risk of damage from the impact of sharp tools or machinery.

Underground utilities can be protected further with our innovative Tapetile® Cable Protection rolls made from 100% recycled plastic and trusted within the underground utility industry. Strong and flexible, the Tapetile Cable roll delivers high quality protection that saves money and time compared to traditional applications used in the construction industry. By providing a high level of visibility, workers are warned when they are about to approach a buried utility and it provides a further layer of protection as it is made from an impact resistant material. 

When used in conjunction with Stokbord® Cable Cover, your underground utilities benefit from multi-layered damage prevention, helping to protect your workers and avoid unnecessary expenditure through repairs.  

Protect the ground while protecting the earth

Ground protection is a cost-effective way to save your business money and avoid damage to its reputation – and it applies to more sectors than you may expect. 

Whether you’re working in the agriculture, construction or events industries, damage to the ground can be a continuous cycle of impact and repairs. And when the traditional solutions like plywood are single-use and prone to splintering and expensive to dispose of responsibly, it’s important to find an alternative that provides better protection and improved environmental credentials. 

Building protection from the ground up

The construction sector is notorious for contributing to carbon emissions and ground damage on both an industrial and commercial scale. These have long been considered unfixable problems that are believed to go hand-in-hand with the industry, but that is no longer the case. 

Having over 40 years of experience working alongside the construction industry, Centriforce has developed products which specifically target different areas of construction. 

Our Stokbord® Road Shield provides durable surface protection for roads when moving debris and dirt, as well as protecting roads and pavements from heavy machinery. Offering  custom handles for easy manoeuvrability, Stokbord® Road Shield is also splinter-proof and waterproof, designed to outlast wooden alternatives.

For internal projects such as commercial or residential property construction, it can be difficult to protect flooring against the impact of continuous trampling, machinery and debris. Stokbord® Floor Shield is designed for preventing accidental damage to flooring during construction, providing a non-invasive and easy-to-use protective layer for internal flooring materials – even in restorative projects where original flooring needs to be protected.

Learn about the Stokbord® Floor Shield in our video

One size doesn’t fit all

We believe that products should work for you, rather than you working around a product. Centriforce works with customers to offer customisable products that allow a range of industries to carry out bespoke projects with ease. 

Our products are used by some of the UK’s most recognisable brands, including British Telecom (BT) who, after searching the market, chose our protection for their ‘Final Mile’ project in creating Pelipod secure lockers. 

Our Duraplas® Rigi Board is a market-leading, reliable, durable and sustainable alternative to traditional fabrication materials. It offers a chemical-resistant and non-porous shield against wear and tear, and its dimensions and textures are easily customisable to suit your needs.

Whatever your impact protection needs, Centriforce has the product range and expertise to help. Our products can often be offered in a variety of sizes and specifications to ensure you find the perfect fit.

For more information, get in touch with our expert team and discover a more sustainable impact protection solution.