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‘Made in Britain’ Recycled Plastic Materials

Date: 22nd March 2022 Utilities & Civils

Here at Centriforce, we are proud to be able to say that our range of recycled plastic products are manufactured here in Great Britain.

You will see the ‘Made in Britain’ logo being proudly displayed on our website. For over 40 years we have been manufacturing our innovative recycled plastic materials at our LDPE granular extrusion plant in Liverpool.

Centriforce has been one of the innovators in the recycled plastics industry, turning waste plastic materials from a wide range of sources into useful, high quality products which are utilised in a number of different industries.

Our selection of products are categorised into four different brands. This includes the world renowned Stokbord range; a recycled plastic sheet material which has been crafted by Centriforce since our conception in 1976.

These versatile plastic boards are utilised across a wide selection of industries, ranging from being used as a fencing material by agricultural firms, to utilised as a strong ground protection material for use during construction projects to protect sensitive ground from the damage which can be caused by footfall and heavy vehicles.

Perhaps one of the most recognisable products available under the Stokbord brand is the widely trusted Stokbord ® Cable Cover product. This is a rot proof and fully recyclable underground cable protection product which is utilised by many leading construction firms. It helps to protect potentially delicate underground cables from the damage which can be caused by accidental strikes.

Other products available under the Stokbord brand includes our Stokbord ® Sheet; a recycled plastic sheet which can be used for a wide variety of purposes including being used as an easy to clean and rot resistant alternative to materials such as timber in the construction of animal housing.

The three other brands available under the Centriforce name include Duraplas, Tapetile and Locata. Products designed to fulfil a variety of purposes in various industries are available under each of these three distinct brands, and we are proud to say our products are “Made in Britain”.

You can learn more about our products or make an enquiry by contacting the Centriforce team by phone on 0151 207 8100, or by sending us a message online at any time here.