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Ropsley Quarry project

Centriforce Helps Create Recycled Plastic Fence for Ropsley Quarry Project

Client: Johnston Quarry Group Location: Three Shires Ltd, Ropsley Quarry Fabrication

Ropsley Quarry, located near Grantham in Lincolnshire, is a sandstone quarry that ceased being active many years ago but now the owners intend to bring it back to life. This required the installation of ecological recycled plastic fencing throughout the 19-acre quarry.

The project also required the creation of a large compensatory habitat to ‘translocate’ the protected animals captured in the quarry. This involved the creation of hibernacula (refuges and overwintering sites for the animals) and ponds, the planting of trees and hydroseeding of the area.

The project required approx. 1500m of Herpetosure® perimeter fencing and a similar length of Herpetosure internal recycled fencing to facilitate species capture within the quarry itself. The environmental fencing is being produced from an innovative recycled plastic sheet material manufactured by Centriforce.

Over a 60-day period, ecologists facilitated the removal and relocation of the resident population of Great Crested Newts and other reptiles, clearing the quarry of protected species before it is brought back to life.

Commenting on the project, James Tyers of Three Shires said: “We were really delighted to be involved in this project from the early stages. Herpetosure Environmental Fencing is an ideal product for the Ropsley scheme because it is highly robust and durable. “The quarry has a history of 4×4 and motorcross trespass so using vandal resistant Herpetosure for the internal fencing was a natural choice and the external recycled plastic fence will provide an effective perimeter barrier for years to come.”

Centriforce is proud to have been a part of the Herpetosure Environmental project – where this recycled plastic fence construction is an example of just one of many industrial projects where our innovative materials have been utilised.

If you would like further information about how our materials can be used to produce a recycled plastic fence, create an animal habit or any other projects that you may have in mind, get in touch with a member of our team. You may find yourself surprised at just how versatile our range of products can be, so please don’t hesitate to make an enquiry if you think that our materials may be able to help you.