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barn owl nest construction

Barn Owl Centre utilises recycled plastics for nest box construction

Client: The Barn Owl Centre Location: Gloucestershire Fabrication

The Barn Owl Centre, a charity based in Gloucestershire, is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of owls and other birds of prey.

Working nationally, the charity promotes environmental projects and research but also builds and sells a range of bird boxes. These are designed and made in-house, utilising their extensive experience built up over 20 years of working with owls and other raptors.

The Barn Owl Centre has now added to its range of nesting boxes with the introduction of a new ‘eco range’ of barn owl nesting boxes.

Having previously used traditional materials such as timber and plywood, the centre was keen to look at alternative, eco-friendly materials and from research, chose Stokbord® recycled plastic sheet as the material of choice for its new range. After considerable testing and development, the conservation team have designed a nesting box which offers many advantages including:

• Easy to fabricate and work with
• Lightweight and easy to install
• Eco-friendly and recyclable at end of life
• Exceptionally durable and waterproof
• Requires no treatments or staining and is washable
• Easily blends into its environment
• Non toxic and safe

The development team is delighted with the initial results and is hoping to produce the nesting boxes at a price point which will allow them to gain wide adoption throughout the country, further promoting the conservation of these particularly beautiful and elegant birds.

Commenting on the design, founder and conservation officer Vince Jones remarked: “We’ve been really delighted to discover Stokbord sheet for our
nesting boxes. It’s very easy to use with normal woodworking tools and methods but offers many advantages over traditional materials. We’re also
particularly pleased to be using recycled materials in our conservation work.”

The Charity can be contacted through its website BARN OWL CENTRE.