Duraplas Flexi Board Beach lining
Duraplas Flexi-Board Ecological Fencing

Key Benefits

Easy use for fabrication
100% recycled
Used for a wide range of bespoke applications

Duraplas® Flexi Board

Our range of Duraplas® products are manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and are designed and manufactured to provide cost-effective, durable and sustainable alternatives  to traditional materials such as plywood & timber. 

Our Duraplas® Flexi Board is made from a low-density polyethylene material with a smooth, untextured finish. Available in sheet or rolled form, the Duraplas® Flexi Board is designed to be used for a range of bespoke applications, supporting all manner of project requirements. 

Through our range of Duraplas® Flexi Board, Centriforce are able to aid a wide range of projects including landscaping and path edging, concrete tunnel packing and tree root protection to name but a few.

Duraplas® Flexi Board in rolled form provides significant flexibility and protection. This makes it applicable to a wide range of different projects and client requirements. Two applications where it is often used is during tree planting or ecological fencing constructions.

In addition to our Flexi Board in rolled form, Centriforce offers the Duraplas® Flexi Board in its recycled plastic sheet format. The Duraplas® Flexi Board recycled plastic sheet is a smooth low-density polyethylene plastic board which can be cut and moulded into position.

For roof lining, pallet lining, and packaging we recommended our Flexi Board sheet in comparison to the Flexi Board in rolled form as it provides a degree of rigidity and more physical support. 

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Key Benefits

Easy use for fabrication
100% recycled
Used for a wide range of bespoke applications
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Technical Information

Key Benefits

Easy use for fabrication – simple to cut, flex and mould into form
Available in sheet or rolled format
Made from 100% recycled LDPE plastic – and recyclable after use
While flexible, Duraplas Flexi Board sheet offers rigidity in application thanks to the material structure
Used for a wide range of bespoke applications

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