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Our Process

Stokboard Duraplas Tapetile Locata

Centriforce Products Ltd is quite unique within the UK as a plastics reprocessor and recycler.

Many companies call themselves ‘recyclers’, but there are very few who actually source waste plastic materials and turn them into complete, finished products using a ‘start to finish’ recycling process. This is how Centriforce operates.

We are very proud of our process, which takes waste plastic materials and turns them into useful repurposed products. Centriforce takes our contribution seriously – sparing perfectly workable plastic from landfills in a time where environmental consciousness has never been so important.

Our Materials

We use plastic materials from a range of sources, such as industrial waste, post-consumer, and retail environments. Our team receives bales of plastic bottles, film, lump and even pipe which is separated as required and then granulated. From here, we take the granulated materials as feedstock for our extrusion process.

Closed Loop

For much of the material we acquire, we used a closed-loop recycling scheme. Through this initiative, Centriforce accepts waste and leftover plastic from our partners to be fed back into our cycle. From discarded wrapping and film, this material is reprocessed into usable products these same partners work with, maintaining a ‘closed-loop’.

What We Produce

Centriforce manufacture items that are ready for their end-use, such as Stokbord Cable Covers, Drum and our Locata range. Some of our products, particularly Duraplas, are also used as components that are further processed and fabricated for a wide variety of applications.

From boardwalks and community benches to ecological fencing, Centriforce has been proud to support a diverse range of projects. Centriforce recycled plastics can normally be utilised in a similar way to traditional materials such as plywood, timber, steel and even aluminium. It offers a more sustainable and cost effective option to virgin plastic for many applications.

We take care when sourcing our plastic. From primarily UK-based companies, we select our plastic feed-stock to produce high specification, technical products which meet our customers’ needs.

All of the products we produce are fully recyclable.


Utilities & Civils

Centriforce are leaders in underground utility protection. Our products are used around the world to prevent damage to underground pipes and cables. Find out more

Building & Landscaping

Our range includes products to protect surfaces during building and landscaping projects, along with tapes and barriers to guide people and traffic. Find out more

Agriculture & Equestrian

Stokbord Sheet is well-known in the agriculture and equestrian sectors as a multi-purpose and durable sheet for a wide range of uses. Find out more

Fabrication & Packaging

From boardwalks and ecological fencing to animal shelters and secure lockers, Centriforce durable plastic sheet and profile components can be used for a variety of projects. Find out more