Centriforce is the UK’s most experienced plastics recycler / reprocessor. From our large Liverpool recycling plant, we are able to offer a unique, fully traceable recycling process which can 'repurpose' a broad range of plastic waste materials and convert them into useful second-life products.

Plastics are an extremely useful range of materials, yet they sometimes suffer from the bad press associated with everyday litter. However over the last 100 years – and especially the last ~30 years - plastics have grown to become an intrinsic part of modern life. They often replace traditional materials to do the job better, cheaper, utilising less energy, water and generating lower CO2 levels in their production. It’s easy to believe plastic’s reputation, but it’s been proven several times over that resourceful use of plastic significantly reduces waste in food production and distribution. Plastics also makes many products lighter, better and more efficient.

However, plastics are largely derived from oil and it’s important to treat the material as a precious resource rather than a nuisance in the waste stream. Plastics can normally be recycled several times over and shouldn't be wasted.

The UK currently exports nearly 15 million tonnes of waste material for recycling every year, of this approximately 0.8 million tonnes is waste plastic. Centriforce offers a UK-based alternative to this, by manufacturing quality, second-life products from recycled plastics. Our unique processing capability and raw material position allows us to offer fully closed loop recycling for a range of plastic waste producers, including large retail groups, construction businesses and local authorities.

Over our long history, we have been major contributors to important plastic re-use research projects, working with organisations such as WRAP and RAPRA.

Our extensive experience in recycling, our technical capabilities, and our open approach to new ideas puts us at the forefront of the plastics recycling industry, making us the ideal UK-based partner for sustainable plastics recycling. 

Our product range also offers buy-back opportunities where we can take specific plastic waste and convert it directly into products for use or sale by your company. This unique, award-winning capability has already found application in a number of different sectors.

If you are interested in sustainable plastic recycling solutions, closed loop recycling or development of products from recycled plastics, then please call us or submit an enquiry below.

Recycling Facts and Figures

  • The UK currently consumes around 4 million tonnes of plastic each year and it’s estimated that 30% of plastics are recycled or recovered with subsequent reductions in energy, landfill, and oil usage.
  • Britain currently exports an estimated 790,000 tonnes of plastics for recycling overseas. This equates to over 30,000 containers of material per year, or around 100 containers of scrap plastic being shipped every day from the UK.
  • Figures from 2012 show that 316,054 tonnes of plastic bottles were collected and recycled by local authorities, amounting to ~58% of all bottle waste. HDPE milk bottles represent about a third of this total, but about 72% of these bottles are now recycled – a real success story!
  • Recycling a single plastic bottle can conserve enough energy to light a 60W light bulb for up to 6 hours. A typical 400m walkway could contain over 600,000 recycled bottles, generating 59 years' worth of light!
  • Producing one tonne of concrete generates an equivalent tonne of CO2 emissions. Every tonne of recycled plastic saves around 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is a significant environmental benefit.

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