Bale / baler A large block of recyclables held together in strapping. Machine to create a bale
Closed loop recycling A system in which materials are continually recycled into the same products or, where materials are reused into  another product and returned to waste producer
Commingled  or Co-mingled A mixture of several recyclables held in one container.  
Energy Recovery Recovering energy from waste materials .  Example, plastic burned to recover the energy
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)  A plastic resin commonly used to make bottles and detergent containers. Standard Code for HDPE is ‘2’
Incineration The burning of waste
Industrial waste Waste generated during manufacturing operations or waste that results from industrial processes
Landfill / landfilling A large, outdoor site used for burial of solid waste materials.  The process of disposal
Low density polyethylene (LDPE) A plastic resin commonly used in shopping bags, shrink wrapping and packaging films. Standard code is “4”
Materials recovery facility (MRF) Sometimes pronounced as ”murf”.  A facility that sorts and processes collected recyclables for re-processors
Plastic recovery facility (PRF) Similar to an MRF, but concentrates on separation of different plastic types
Packaging The wrapper or container used to protect, identify and possibly advertise a product
Polyethylene terephthalate  (PET) A plastic resin commonly used to make soft drink bottles and other food packaging e.g. trays.  Standard code  “1”
Polypropylene  (PP) Plastic resin that find many everyday applications including tubs, lids and components.  Standard code is “5”
Polystyrene (PS) or HIPS A lightweight plastic material that find many applications such as trays, bowls, cups etc.  Standard code is “6”. Sometimes the resin is modified to make it tougher and sold as high impact polystyrene
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Plastic material used to construct piping, food and cosmetic containers.  Standard code is “3”
Post consumer materials Recovered materials collected from consumers or the home
Recyclable Products or materials that can be collected and reprocessed  as raw materials in the manufacture of new products
Waste reduction An important process which will result in the generation of less waste and/or the productive  use of materials which would otherwise be added to the waste stream

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