Centriforce Stokbord® is the No 1 contractor’s choice as temporary floor covering in data centre projects.

Site safety is of paramount importance in construction projects, and temporary protection materials can help ensure that hazards are identified and addressed.

With multiple trades constantly crossing paths and a continual heavy footfall of traffic on-site, damaged furnishings and surfaces can be commonplace.

Centriforce Products Ltd has recently worked with the principal building contractor for construction of a Social Media giant’s data centres, supplying Stokbord® as temporary flooring in their major data centre construction projects in Demark and Ireland. 

Stokbord® is the contractor’s choice as temporary flooring in data centre construction

Our client used Stokbord® to protect finished concrete surfaces from construction site wear and tear, whilst contributing to a safer working environment with its slip resistant surface.

Stokbord® provides heavy-duty, temporary floor protection for concrete flooring whilst internal works are carried out, preventing damage from machinery, plant and foot traffic. On completion of the build, the Stokbord® flooring is lifted, and final flooring is laid.

The primary benefit of Stokbord® as a temporary protection material is to prevent any accidental and unnecessary damage during any type of construction project. This could be floor protection to stop any dents or scuffs from dropped tools, door protection to stop any chips when you’re manoeuvring through doorways, or surface protection to protect windows, walls and countertops from any scratches.

Data centres with heavy racking and equipment require well-engineered flooring with appropriately high compressive strength. Stokbord® offers a high degree of durability and sturdiness to protect floors (vinyl, marble, cured timber, laminates, etc.) and safeguard them from damage from heavy traffic, heavy footwear, dropped tools and accidental spillages.

Stokbord® is the perfect protective alternative to plywood or other timber products. Unlike wooden alternatives, Stokbord® can be cleaned and washed down, reducing the accumulation of dust in the building environment.

Not only does Stokbord® offer this environmental benefit, but it also offers Health and Safety advantages since it has no jagged surfaces that can splinter and injure workers. Since it is made from 100% recycled material, Stokbord® also offers sustainability benefits too.

Stokbord® is a tough, durable and impact resistant protection board, available in a range of different options to suit specific project requirements. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, Stokbord® is made from polyethylene, which comes as standard in black or grey, with a specially embossed slip-resistant finish.

Designed as a heavy duty protective solution, Stokbord® is excellent at absorbing shock and noise while resisting impact from construction footfall and machinery.

Centriforce Products Ltd is the sole manufacturer of Stokbord®

Stokbord® recycled plastic board is exclusively manufactured in the UK by Centriforce Products Ltd, with a track record of 35 years of development and manufacture of outstanding damage protection products.

In our innovative approach to product development, we work closely with clients to develop new products to meet their requirements and stringent quality standards, whilst at the same time reducing the reliance on non-renewable raw materials.

Stokbord® is the best known, value for money, general purpose board on the market today. Its excellent fit as a temporary flooring solution is because it can be easily applied to protect almost any surface and combines lightweight qualities with superior strength.

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Case Study Info

Client: Client Company
Location: Demark and Ireland
Product: Stokbord® Sheets
Project: Construction of a Social Media giant’s Data Centres


Benefits of Stokbord®

  • Provides impact resistance, tough, durable
  • Bacteria and chemically resistant
  • Easy to clean and wash down
  • Good UV resistance
  • Leaves no residue when removed
  • Waterproof/ Impermeable to liquid
  • Puncture resistant and splinter-free
  • Lightweight
  • Range of thicknesses, colours, finishes & sizes
  • Easy to fabricate by welding, routing, cutting and bonding
  • 100% recycled plastics from high grade feed stocks
  • Lower whole-life costs compared to timber and ply wood

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